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How to optimise your videos for search engines Pt. 2

How to Optimise your Videos for Search Engines Part 1

Tips on how to optimise your videos for search engine

This article aims to discuss the second part of our Youtube Video – optimising your videos for the search engines found above. Let’s go ahead and check out some good tips on how to get your videos ranked on both Google and Youtube.

Moving on from first part of the video about optimising your videos, one of the best things that you can do to help your video rank better in Google and Youtube is to add annotations. It had been proven that if you add annotations that link to other videos within Youtube, it will help your videos rank better.

All you have to do is click on the “speech bubble” button and put in links for your other videos. You can say “check out my other videos by clicking here” or something to that effect.

The transcript file is another leverage being underutilised majorly by a lot of video marketers. It generally involves transcribing your entire video and uploading it as a text. You need to make sure that you have your keywords within your transcript though. This will help boost your visibility and secure more views.

Another thing that both search engines (Google and Youtube) looks for when ranking videos is how many people liked it and how many people have shared it. You need to keep track of how many people have subscribed to your channel and also how many have commented on it. So in your videos, it’s always a good idea to ask people to comment or leave feedbacks and let people know if it has good content that they can share it.

Most people are not consciously aware of these things all the time once they watch a video and by simply asking politely, your video will spread a lot faster and help your video rank better.

Last but not least is to get backlinks to your videos. You can go to link building services like I Got Link, get your links from there and get all types of backlinks – link wheels, web directories and lots of other stuff. I Got Link does a really good job of optimising not just videos but websites as well. Either way, whether you get it from I Got Link or you don’t, you need back links to your videos to help them rank in search engines.

So there are four points covered by the video above on how to optimise your videos

  • Put links within your annotations to other videos and it will help them rank better.
  • Upload a transcript of your video to the upload transcript section and make sure that you have your keywords in it
  • Ask people to comment, like and share your video content
  • Get back links for your videos


Have no doubt that if your cover everything from the first and second part of the video mentioned above, you will start outranking all of your competitors and start driving lots and lots of free traffic!