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Get More Out of Youtube – Social Media Upgrades with Google+ and Facebook Integration

Youtube now offers you more in the way of social media

Have you tried logging in to Youtube recently? If so, then you may have noticed that the top video sharing and social network website features some sweet upgrades. In addition to the new sleek design that emphasizes video channels and homepages as one of the main goals of these changes, various features were introduced that are sure to excite a lot of people in the video marketing business. These changes and features are sure to please you especially if you rely on Youtube for your video marketing efforts.

New features in Youtube – popular and trending videos

In addition to your Youtube homepage undergoing a new sleek makeover, it also now features a new tab featuring the “Popular” and “Trending” videos. Selecting these tabs will show you the most popular videos in Youtube. This is a dream come true for many social media marketers – just as it is with trending topics on Google+ and Twitter; such features enable viral and successful videos to gain more views. Needless to say, such videos are now shown more prominently and offer much needed encouragement for people striving to come up with quality and useful video content that will benefit not only the Youtube community but their respective businesses as well.

Youtube’s Google+ and Facebook integrations

Another welcomed improvement on Youtube is the addition of Facebook and Google+ integration. These integrations can prove invaluable in increasing one’s reach as you share your Youtube videos to other social media websites. What’s more is that you are also now able to see the videos posted by your contacts from other channels within the Youtube community. How exactly would this benefit you though? If you are a veteran of the video marketing business, the leverage that such features offer should be abundantly clear to you.

Now Google+ and Facebook are both social media networks that like to surround itself with visual content which of course includes videos. With such integrations, video marketing professionals can now effectively extend their video’s reach whenever they share their Google+ or Facebook business page to the Youtube community. Think of it this way – viewers on Youtube may not necessarily subscribe to your Youtube channel but they could be following your Google+ page or they may be fans of your business page on Facebook. With these recent integrations, they can now see your videos simply by clicking on these new tabs which will show them video content from their Google+ and Facebook connections even if they are not actually subscribing to your channel.

The Google+ and Facebook integrations enable video marketers to showcase their video content on 3 major social media channels – Youtube, Google+ and Facebook. This is perhaps the most significant impact that can now be felt by video marketers in the Youtube community as it enables them to maximize their video marketing reach!