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What is a good facebook fan page engagement rate?

Fan page engagement rate image by Think Big OnlinePicture this,

You are out with your friends having lunch and you update your status as, “Drinking a diet coke!”, only to find that thirty minutes later you have received no likes or comments, and devastation sets in. You ask yourself, why, why has no one liked my status? This is purely because it is not of interest to your audience (half of which are most likely acquaintances) and you have not engaged them by asking for their opion or giving your viewers a relatable topic.

As explained on the Social Bakers website, “Engagement Rate reflects percentage of your fans that you have attracted and made them engage (like or comment) with your Wall Post”. So perhaps if we rewrite the status as, “Diet Coke or Coke Zero, which is nicer?” this is a question to your audience and should result in a bite of opinion from a fellow facebook friend and hopefully a “like” or two.

Further, another variable to consider is the amount of people liking your content. Social Baker analytic professionals divide various Facebook pages into different categories based on their total number of fans and measure the average Engagement Rate. You can see the results by clicking the link below to compare and contrast and see if your own Facebook company page measures up.