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7 Great Ways your Business Could Benefit from Twitter Vine

Twitter Vine as Business Marketing Solution?


7 great ways to benefit from twitter vines image by Think Big OnlineEver heard of Twitter Vine and wondering how it could actually benefit your business? If you’re always on the lookout for the latest in great social media marketing and video marketing solutions, you’ve most probably had! You can think of Vine Twitter as a mobile application that enables its users to take extremely short and looping 6 second videos that they can share with their Twitter and Facebook contacts. It’s similar to Instagram except that you are dealing with videos and not pictures.




Let’s go ahead and check out 7 great and effective uses of Twitter Vine for your business


1. Social media engagement and branding

Vine can act as an excellent supplement to your video marketing campaign and boost engagement in social networks. You can do this simply asking prospects what they think about your products or services and the things that they are looking forward to. For instance, if your business is all about selling books you can ask prospects to share which books are their favorites and with Twitter Vine, you can give them visual suggestions on books that they may like and get them to purchase those books from you.

What’s more is that you can use Vine to get your social media fans and followers to advertise your products or services for you. Mobile devices are extremely popular now days and all you have to do is ask them to create a short video of your services in action or how much they are enjoying a certain product of yours. You can then acknowledge your fans and attach the video to your business hash tag on Twitter.

2. Exhibit your portfolio and get your fans and followers excited about a new product or service

Why settle having your business portfolio on your website when you have it on video and share it on Vine Twitter? It is how even small-scale businesses can benefit from Vine. Show off your product packaging and samples to gain some momentum for your business.

As a video marketing strategy, Vine can provide much needed visual inspiration for businesses to create excitement among social media fans and followers whenever they have an upcoming product on the Pipeline. Businesses can use Vine to reveal new products or show case teasers that their target audience can all look forward to.

3. Share a trivia and relevant information or celebrate holidays

Keep in mind – not everything has to be about business! It will only make your business appear uninteresting. You can share trivia and news relevant to your business that your prospects may be interested in. It’s always a good way of generating valuable social media engagement!

Also you might want to make sure your business branding keeps up with all the significant holidays throughout the year and Vine can certainly help you easily do just that by sharing short holiday-themed 6 second promotional videos. Fans and followers enthusiastic about getting into the holiday spirit are bound to appreciate it and favor your business over others that are unmindful of it.

4. Give fans and followers the “Inside Look”

Twitter Vine give businesses ample opportunity to leverage the human element in their video marketing and social media marketing campaign. Once can’t think of a better way of doing that other than giving people the inside look at your office or store with a short video showing what an amazing place it is and how happy your customers and employees are during their downtimes.

5. Educate and impress prospects

Vine is a good way to educate your fans and followers with fascinating and relevant facts about your business. For example, if your business deals in pet trade you can exhibit some of the animals you have for sale along with some interesting information about them on a short vine Video

6. Share your story

You can use Vine for a quick and innovative solution in summing up your business from day one until the present! It’s a great way to share your history with fans and followers throughout the years and inspire consumer confidence! One great idea is to feature older versions of your products up to the most current ones.

7. Contest, promotions and presentations

It can be difficult for businesses to generate excitement among fans and followers during a certain promotion or contest. In many cases, these people simply don’t know your product or service well enough to want or need it. That can all change with Twitter Vine as it’s a great way to quickly show off your products and invite people to participate in contests to win prizes like exclusive content and product samples.

Vine can also be a great boost to your presentations such as webinars and podcasts! All there is to do is take a short video relevant to your presentations.

Wondering how you can get started on Twitter Vine?

It’s easy and can be done in 5 simple steps:

  • Get the Vine mobile application from iTunes for your supported mobile device
  • Set up your own account on Vine with your e-mail address or existing account on Twitter
  • Seek out users that you can follow by accessing your profile page and selecting the “person” icon located on the top right section of the page. You can also connect Vine to your Facebook account and share it with friends although this option is restricted to personal accounts only.
  • Simply select the camera button to begin a video recording. Just press the screen with your finger and hold it until you’ve finished recording your video
  • After you are done recording, press continue to share your video with fans and followers!


There you have it – some great ways your business can greatly benefit from Vine. In what other ways can Twitter Vine help you with your business?

7 Great Ways your Business Could Benefit from Twitter Vine