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The Significance of Adopting New Online Marketing Technology

Online Marketing Technology – the need to adapt

 The technology behind online marketing has changed drastically over the years and we can only expect it to keep on changing as new developments continue to unfold. All these had lead to increased demand for technology-savvy inbound marketing experts that are proficient at researching, choosing, managing and implementing a wide range of internet marketing tools and solutions.

Prototype marketing or hybrid marketing – this is often what many in the web marketing industry call professionals with the tech-savvy skills necessary for businesses to effectively navigate the ever changing demands of effectively marketing online. These people are best suited at recommending and working with emerging search engine marketing technology along with strategies that drive:


  • e-mail marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Internet marketing management, analytics and automation
  • And so much more…


Think about this for a moment – among the top predictions of the International Data Corporation states that over 50 percent of new talents in online marketing will require a significant degree of technical expertise. Also consider the fact that more than 70 percent of today’s businesses online feel that they are losing significant part of their revenue due to lack of expertise in new inbound marketing technologies.

People in the world of internet marketing should all be mindful of the current web marketing technology that drives business results. The question remains though – how can businesses keep tabs on the latest and most effective technologies and platforms available and which ones will actually help your business achieve its goals? Let’s go ahead and check out some steps that your business can take to do just that!

Adopting New Online Marketing Technology

Willingness to experiment

It certainly helps to have a business that encourages a great degree of experimentation. After all, how is a business supposed to adopt new search engine marketing technology if it is unwilling to experiment and embrace change? Inspire people in your business to dedicate a part of their time to trying out something new and don’t be quick to punish them should the experiment end up a failure.

Consider what your business could gain through proper experimentation. You’ll either end up with something that works that very people in the online marketing business are implementing or end up with something that doesn’t work and be one step closer to figuring out why. When these experiments

Eyes open

New technology surrounding inbound marketing can directly affect any kind of business online, Thus it’s up to us to keep track of new developments as they roll out and quickly check out anything new that could benefit your business.

A great way to do just that is to set up a good RSS feeds that notifies you of any urgent and relevant news about your industry and internet marketing in general. Businesses can also make it a point to follow blogs, Google Analytics and top publications from relevant industries. Make it a point to check RSS feeds regularly as a daily part of your business routine. Browse through the news over breakfast or during your down times.

Map out a time to research and discover something new

So you’ve found a few new web marketing technologies that might prove beneficial to your business. Now you’ve got to set a sufficient time to learn all you can about it. The amount of time required would of course depend on the complexity of the subject matter. It may take you less than 30 minutes, a couple of hours or a number of days.

Whatever new search engine marketing technology you’re looking into, you’d know you’ve done enough if you have the answer to questions like:


  • How does the new technology work and how can it benefit my business?
  • Has the new online marketing technology been already proven and in what ways can your competitors actually use it to surpass you?
  • Is the technology or development relevant to your business and how can you best implement it?
  • Is the new inbound marketing technology compatible with your current strategy? Are there interferences that need to be considered? Make sure that you factor overall cost from adoption to full implementation.
  • So what’s next? This involves timeline and people responsible for implementing and tracking progress



With everything going on, it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed as new things get rolled out all the time. It’s important not to lose sight of your goals and the plan that you’ve set for achieving it. Think about how the new technology complements your current internet marketing strategy. We can only expect marketing technologies to grow and develop further over. Marketing success in the future would require a lot more than just jam packed ads.

Don’t lose sight of what’s really important and know that you don’t have to come at everything alone.  Get help if you need it and ask what others think about the matter.

Start advocating

So you’ve found a new web marketing technology that seems to fit your business need, now you have to begin advocating it! After all, it is important to gain key players that would leverage such developments for your business.

Let’s say you’ve got your hands on a demo for a new kind of search engine marketing software, you’ve got start beta testing it. Organize a team of tech-savvy testers from your team and ask them to provide you with a detailed assessment for both negative and positive aspects of using that software and explore further uses for improving backend results

Adopting and implementation

At this point, you’ve most probably invested a significant amount of resources on a new online marketing technology. The next step is to have key team members become thoroughly proficient at it and enable the rest of your team to make the best out of it.

Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a new internet marketing technology, you’ve got to dedicate time and effort towards ensuring that your business makes the most of the value that it offers. This means learning campaigns, trainings and if the technology can be used for free, all the more better! Make good use of resources like forums and blogs.

Track Results

Although businesses may differ on how they choose to go about it, the goal of web marketing is essentially the same and that is to drive profitable results down the bottom line. That’s not going to just magically happen – you’ll need well-defined goals and set key metrics for driving success (profit, traffic, efficiency, etc.) More importantly, you’ll need to have a reliable process for tracking results to ensure good returns on investment.

The key take away here is that search engine marketing professionals today will have to expand their role to tech-savvy IT decision makers whether they like it or not! Businesses will need to capitalize on new technologies and developments as they roll out running up to date online marketing campaigns and strategies that yields the desired results.

So what new online marketing technology has your business adopted lately?