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The Power of Facebook Business Pages

Facebook hash tags image by Think Big OnlineSocial media marketing is now on of the most important platforms for businesses to grow. Social media presence especially on Facebook is now directly linked by Google and other search engines to your rank formula. This means if you don’t have a good social media presence you can say goodbye to your number one ranking on any search engine.

Business pages on social media have now become a reference directory for customers. Just like in the old days people picked up the phone book or the yellow pages to refer to the best business in need, today people log online and look for businesses on Facebook. It has become more visible to them because a Social Media Business Page is not just an ad space on the internet; it gives a glimpse of where the person is going and what they are going for. If they don’t like your Facebook Page they will not like your store and they will not come.

Similarly Twitter and YouTube are just as good with constant reviews of your business being uploaded by opinion leaders. It’s all good for business. However Facebook business pages are more significant. They generate traffic for your business and most of all they constantly remind people of your business.

A good and successful Facebook Page is always active, always having new interesting and relative posts that remind people why you like this particular brand and why you need to visit them soon.

A lot of Facebook applications for your business page have also made it very interesting for customers and clients to constantly remain on your Facebook page. Boutiques are using applications to virtually put on the dress on your photo, giving women the pleasure of actually seeing themselves in new clothes and making them want to buy them. Restaurants are running active auctions on their Facebook page to sell off discounted meals to the highest bidder. Electronic stores are running games and contests to win exciting prizes.

Clearly Facebook business page is more than just a promotional platform, it is the very tool businesses are using to link and build relationships with their customers and remind them why they choose to be loyal. This is a very basic social media strategy that all businesses are always looking to build. For the clients, Facebook business pages are easy to build but difficult to establish and keep active. It is essential to keep the page active to keep on reminding the customers that you are still offering the services lest they turn to your competitors in the market.