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Social Media Managers – A Necessity of Today’s Online Businesses?

Social Media managers image by Think Big OnlineSocial media marketing is no longer a trend: it is a permanent business platform that is developing a completely new field in marketing and technology. It is perhaps one of the most innovative fields to let your brand really flow. A lot of people are impressed on how much social media brings the brand and the customer close because they are actually interacting on a one on one level because no other platform can offer that on a similar scale. However, this is exactly what makes it more complex and difficult. Social media marketing requires a lot of strategy building, a lot of planning and a lot of technical expertise to come up with something different.

There are so many written and unwritten rules of social media marketing, mainly because there are so many channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You are not just running an ad campaign; you are building a link or a bridge to your customer. This is why to properly integrate your strategy and campaign along all platforms; you need a social media manager.

The role of the social media manager is simply to manage all of your campaigns along all platforms on a daily basis. Only active business pages and profiles on social media successfully are able to generate traffic and business for their brands and hence a social media manager makes sure all of your activities are up and running all the time. Some of the main duties of a social media manager include:

  • Facebook- Developing the business page, new activities, and applications, campaigns regularly updated.
  • Twitter- Engaging audience daily, maybe more times a day, keeping them interested and reminding of their presence.
  • LinkedIn- For businesses that work on B2B this requires managing professional profiles engaging business to business meetings.
  • Spreading the internet with blogs and articles about your brand and social media presence.
  • Engaging random audiences to visit your pages.

In short, with a social media manager never let your virtual presence become outdated and played out. Many Facebook Marketing Companies hire a team of social media managers just for Facebook because that platform alone is too large for one to handle. What a Social Media Manager ensures is that he focuses on each and every aspect of the brand needs because at the end, personalization is everything here. He is supposed to know your needs and strategise accordingly. Thus, employ the expertise of a social media manager and enjoy the perks of a swollen pool of customers in a brief period of time.