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How To Prepare For a Black Friday Social Media Campaign That Actually Works

Almost everyone is waiting for Black Friday whether you are a certified shopaholic, a regular shopper, a digital marketer, and a business owner. Black Friday is one of the best and most awaited sale day for all. It is the day where brands go all out to compete with creative advertising strategies and price drop promos. And, of course. It is the best day to shop for something you want.

In fact, according to Shopify’s Illustrated Research, Black Friday generated 3.6x more orders than the average day in November. This is why you should see Black Friday as the real deal.


And, in this article, we are going to talk about the strategies that will ensure your success for one of the biggest commercial weekends with Social Media Marketing.

Plan Wisely with Proper Research

Smart people learn from their mistakes, wise people learn from other’s mistakes. Do your research and see the best and worst campaigns from the previous year. Improvise those campaigns who have actually work and eliminate the same ideas you have from the campaigns that did not work.

Start an early Paid Advertising Campaign

One of the key element to success is to always start early. Give your audiences a clue that they can expect something from your business on Black Friday. This will give you the lead from all your competitors since your loyal and potential customers are aware that you are giving them a good deal on Black Friday which basically means ‘there is a minimal chance for them to steal your customers’ and you will also be able to attract new potential ones using the right target audience.

Understand Your Audience

You cannot sell something to someone that is not interested in what you offer. Look into your Facebook Audience Insights and study the type of people that have already engaged in your Facebook page. Think of yourself as one of them and in this way you will definitely perfect your target audience.

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Maximise Social Media Platforms

Your plan will be nothing if you do not maximise your Social Media accounts on each platform. A week before Black Friday, you should make sure that you actively engage with your audience and this includes promptly responding to your online community. If you are juggling between one task to another, try considering installing a Facebook Messenger Bot like Many Chats and of course, do not forget to add value by giving them a reason to subscribe on your Facebook page.

Here are some additional useful bonus tips to skyrocket your Social Media Marketing Campaigns on Black Friday:

  • Increase your advertising budget
  • Use hashtags like #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2017
  • Use attractive and high-quality images on your Facebook Ads.

If you also want to master Facebook Advertising. You can also join our free training to attract more ideal clients on Facebook.