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Will the iPhone 5C and 5S Blend?


The “Blend It” YouTube sensation Tom Dickson is back to test the new iPhone 5C and 5S!

Having only been able to obtain a collection of 5Cs, the 37-year-old Blendtec places the iphones in the blender, only to then be surprised by his flashy, decked out in bling doppelganger who also has a blender and the gold 5S.

Fans that have been patiently waiting for this video will not be disappointed as the former CEO and current board member hits the switch allowing the blender to start.

It’s exactly what you expect, the fast spinning blender reduces both phones to plastic dust, or as Dickson names it “rainbow smoke” and “gold smoke” as Dickson’s gold grille sparkles and an animated unicorn fly’s out from a rainbow of the 5C dust.

The Blendtec Company has previously tested the blendability of other iPhones and iPads, so for more “Will it Blend?” episodes check out their YouTube channel.

Will you be buying the new iPhone 5C or 5S?