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GotoWebinar Review and Bonus – Web Conferencing Software

A good look at GotoWebinar

GoToWebinar review image by Think Big Online

Webinars can be an extremely powerful online marketing resource that users can leverage in order to reach out and engage a huge number of audiences from all over the world.  About a decade ago, the resources required to pull off something of that scale would have been unthinkable. Fortunately that is something that marketers no longer have to worry about with today’s powerful range of web conferencing software.

GotoWebinar is one such software and a popular one at that but is it really worth all the hype and is it really the right web conferencing software for you? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look.

All about GotoWebinar

gotowebinar 1

GotoWebinar is web conferencing software created by Citrix Online and it is currently one of the simplest and most reliable tools online for staging webinars and web conferences. The software enables users to hold video or voice conferences online. A computer and a good internet connection is all that is required for web marketers to get started.

Now GotoWebinar is particularly useful for hosting online presentations to prospects from your lists via webinars. The software has everything you need to accomplish such presentations so that users would never have to worry about things like event costs, hosting locations and sending out invitations to would be participants. Simply put, the software makes conducting live seminars on the web easy and hassle-free.

Check out some of the great things that you can do with GotoWebinar:

gotowebinar features

  • Educate via online courses and seminars.
  • Build teamwork and keep your team members on the same page with regular meetings and online webinars. Record sessions and send it to team members as instructional material.  Reduce training costs by lowering skill acquisition and travel expenses
  • Ramp up your business by inviting prospects to participate and personally participate in promotional events such as product launches and updates via web conference. Increase sales and ROI by gauging interest level among participants for better leads acquisition.

What we loved about GotoWebinar:

Unlimited webinars for one flat rate cost – for as low as $99 per month, marketers can organize as many webinars as they can and engage thousands of participants right from their computers. Participants can join the webinar from almost any web capable device such as PC, Mac, smart phones and other mobile devices. The software can cater to 100,500 or 1000 participants per webinar depending on one’s subscription plan.

HD Video Conference – unlike most other webinar tools, GotoWebinar supports HD video conferencing across all plans with no extra cost

Screen Sharing – show participants your screen in real time just as you would in live presentation

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Fully Interactive Features – Get your participants to do more than just witness your webinar and have them contribute to it by submitting questions and participating in polls or surveys.

Automated Invitations – Process invitations and follow-up emails automatically to remind participants about the webinar.

Follow up features – automatically check up on participants as well as those who’ve missed your webinar with follow up emails and surveys designed to collect feedback from participants. The software makes webinars easy for both organizers and participants.

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Is GotoWebinar the right web conferencing software for you?

GotoWebinar is for anyone looking for a simple and comprehensive solution for communicating with prospects, team members and clients. The platform provides everything that web marketers need to announce, host and analyze unlimited webinars and cost-effectively engage thousands of prospects.

Don’t just take our word for it – the software comes with a free 30 day trial so why not try it for yourself?

Are you interested in GotoWebinar? Purchase the software through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at