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Autoresponder Madness Review and Bonus – Email Marketing Course

A good look at Autoresponder Madness

Auto Responder Madness review image by Think Big Online


Are you having trouble getting anywhere with email marketing? Churning out conversions that barely cover the cost of autoresponders and other email marketing tools you might be using for your campaign? Looking for something that might just help you turn things around? If so then you may have heard of Autoresponder Madness – an email marketing course by Andre Chaperon said to help online marketers leverage email marketing for improved conversions with no hard selling.

Is it really worth looking into though and what can you actually expect out of the said course? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what Autoresponder Madness has to offer.

Autoresponder Madness – all you need to know about successful email marketing

Autoresponder Madness is a 6 week email marketing training course that is aimed at acquainting users with all the best practices and strategies surrounding email marketing. Andre Chaperon had spent the last four years perfecting the said course as a unique and effective approach in email marketing without having to resort to any hard selling.

Check out some of the specialized modules that the course covers:

autoresponder madness 2

How is Autoresponder Madness different from most other email marketing courses out there?

One unique aspect to Autoresponder Madness as an email marketing course is that it is focused on customer relations as opposed to most other email marketing courses that focus on “sales pitches”.  The problem with the latter is that prospects often end up dismissing marketing messages as spam. To make matters worse, such email marketing techniques can bother a lot of people compelling them to turn away from your business right off the bat which eliminates possible business opportunities in the future.

Autoresponder madness teaches email marketers to focus on acquiring long term repeat customers and forging good buyer relations as opposed to simply seeking out a one-time sale. Loyal followers that make repeat purchases and spreads good word about the product or services rendered are perhaps the best thing that can happen to any business online.

The course teaches email marketers:

  • Some of the best ways of turning prospects into friends and get them talking about your product or service in their own circle of friends.
  • “Sell without selling” – an effective email marketing philosophy for affiliates. Affiliate marketing can be difficult for many beginners and course teaches marketers to stand out by selling without sounding like selling at all.
  • Sustaining your business for the long term – don’t just focus on sales but rather seek out loyal customers that buy and recommend the products or services that you sell.
  • Begin a successful affiliate program and sell products or services of your own. Generate more income per customer with some of the best strategies on affiliate marketing.


Is Autoresponder Madness the right email marketing course for you?

Don’t simply take our word for it – discover the power of Autoresponder Madness yourself! In today’s world of email marketing that is often littered with spam, most people have already developed a natural immunity against hard selling and similar strategies. Taking on a distinct and customer-based approach that the course offers can be just the distinction that your business needs.

Are you interested in Autoresponder Madness? Purchase the course through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at