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Why Twitter, Facebook And Google+ Are Must Haves In Your SEO Arsenal

It seems like the world has gone “socially crazy” with more and more social networks launching every single month.  It can be tough for a business owner to keep up with all the new networks, in fact as internet marketing experts we even find it hard to keep up.

The time for excuses though is starting to pass, if you’re not on the big 3 social networks then you’re not only missing out on social traffic, but you’re also missing out on search traffic.  You see, recently Google and Bing (the two “real” search engines) have updated their algorithms to incorporate more social results.

In fact Bing is releasing a large-scale update, which is the start of its transition to a “social search” platform.  Something that is certain to ruffle a few feathers at Google and see them taking their updates one step further.

What Does This Shift To Social Search Mean For Every Day Business Owners?

It’s simple, if you’re not currently an active user of Twitter, Facebook And Google+ then you or someone in your business needs to get active.  Content shared via these social networks is now being indexed and used in search engine results.  Not only that but sites which offer actively integrated social content are also getting a boost.

Phrases like “Google It” and “Facebook Me” have now extended with users of your website being asked to “Share It”, “Tweet It” and “Like It”.  These actions are not only helping to extend the reach of your content but also positively impact your search engine rankings.

Simply put, if you’ve avoided Twitter, Facebook and Google+ like the plague, now’s the time to change your stance and start embracing social media, at the very least to help your search engine rankings.  Now I know this may sound daunting to business owners but the reality is social media is getting easier and easier to manage.

In fact now there’s a whole suite of tools available for you to share content, update statuses, build applications and engage customers which means you don’t even need to be “on these social networks” to be “on these social networks”.  We know, it sounds weird, but the reality is most business owners don’t have the time to actually engage on social media, and that’s why tools are needed to make the process easier (watch out for a post on which tools to use shortly).

Let’s face it, with these new changes to Bing and Google making them more “social” the prediction that “social media is a fad” was a long way from the mark.  Social media is here to stay and if you don’t want to be left behind you need to embrace it and start integrating it into your daily marketing.  Not only will you see improved search engine results but you’re also going to see more traffic to your site, you can’t deny the fact that social media generates traffic!

The only question that remains is: When Will Google Announce It’s New “Social Search” Functionality?  Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts…

Today’s Image Comes From PC World