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Are You Looking To Impress?

As technology continues to evolve, the way websites are built and presented will change.  Already video is fast becoming the chosen method for conveying a sales message with 68% of visitors more likely to watch a video then read text on a page.  But if you really want to impress your visitors video just isn’t enough, you need to be looking at the next “big idea”.

Just the other day we stumbled across this new technology called “impress.js” which takes a bland looking website and using some very funky coding makes it into a complete interactive presentation.  Now we’re not saying that every website should transform to this “new” idea, but it does help to accentuate our point:

By Doing The Same Old Thing You Get The Same Old Results 

By Doing Something Different You Get Different Results

 This simple website, using this simple “impress” style has had over 8699 people watch it, 15,000 tweet about it and about 1000 bloggers write about it.  By being different they attracted attention that otherwise they would never have received.  So here’s what I recommend, if you’re looking to impress your visitors then instead of just “putting together a site” sit down and put together a “strategy”.

There’s a big difference in these two mindsets, a business owner who’s putting together a site is generally in a rush to “just get live”.  When the sites go live they then have to worry about generating traffic, searching for keywords and integrating social media.

While the business owner who’s putting together a strategy uses the elements of their site to generate traffic, generate social buzz and invite user engagement.  You see, the major different between these two type’s of business owners “is their mindset”.

By looking at the process as “strategy development” rather than “website development” you can ensure you build something that works for your business.  We know this sounds very “corporate” and “expensive” but in our experience people who develop a strategy spend less in the long run.

By developing a strategy you know how to build your site to:

  • be instantly search engine friendly,
  • engage your visitors
  • socially connect with your visitors

By planning this from the start as part of your “strategy” you’ll need to spend less down the track on “revisions” to your site as it was built initially with it’s purpose in mind.  And that’s really the key point, once you can identify the purpose of your site, and then build a strategy to achieve that purpose, you’re on the track to internet success.

Don’t be in a rush to just “build the site” because ultimately that’s just going to lead to heartache.  Take some time out today, whether you have a site or not, and think about the “purpose” of your site and the “strategy” you’re using to achieve that purpose.

Leave your site URL below with your purpose and strategy, we’d love to see what you’re doing!