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Spotify Has Landed

Spotify has landed image by Think Big OnlineFor those of you that are still scratching your head wondering what is Spotify? Well I’m here to help you out.

Spotify is the latest social media craze to land on Australian Shores. Describing themselves as “ your new music collection” Spotify is bringing Australians the opportunity to listen to music for FREE legally. I know what your thinking, nothings free and in a way Spotify has identified this. Users can listen to an unlimited array of music all in exchange for 3-4 minutes of radio style advertising each hour. Now if you really hate the idea of listening to any ads at all Spotify has got you sorted. For $11.99 p/month you can listen to music ad free.

Spotify has some amazing features that really puts it above the mark. Spotify can be used ‘anywhere’ at ‘anytime’ something we haven’t been able to experience with other online download sites. Spotify’s offline mode means you choose which playlists you love and Spotify will sync those tracks to your phone or computer. Spotify has really taken onboard the sharing trend. Every song you listen to can be shared with friends by posting to facebook, twitter or messenger.

 But how could a music download site help your business? As I said before Spotify is a ‘sharing’ site. Users can access and listen to what their friends are listening to via Facebook, Twitter or Messenger. That’s right that multi billion-dollar company has done it again. Facebook is affiliated with Spotify and this is why Spotify could be the next big thing for your business.

After several hours of music listening I have noticed a bit of a trend happening. Businesses are creating their own playlists that they are sharing with users via Facebook. Sneaky right, so what have you got to do.

1-    Establish your target market

2-    Create a killer playlist that appeals to your target market

3-    Post your playlist to your facebook wall and ask your fans what they think

If you’re struggling to establish music specific to your target markets taste, why not post a message asking for suggestions. This is a great way to establish a relationship with your fans and you get to listen to awesome music.

You may have noticed I mentioned that users were subjected to 3-4 minutes of ad’s every hour. This is another way you can boost your business through Spotify. Radio advertising has proven to be effective, and Spotify is handing you the opportunity on a silver platter so why not give it a whirl. If you’re not into radio style advertising there are so many other opportunities.

Whether you simply create a playlist or you create an Ad, Spotify has presented you a WIN WIN situation.

So how will you take advantage of this latest craze?