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What Is Reputation Management?

Search engines are a vital part of any companies marketing strategy. But if you have a disgruntled employee or an angry customer, they can make a search for your business bring up all kinds of negative and many times false information. Everyone in the internet marketing industry spend hours upon hours figuring out how to get high search results, but when you have negative results appearing, it is time to employ a sound Reputation Management Strategy.

Using Reputation Management methods, you can most of the time, make negative and false results disappear. In all actuality, they don’t disappear, but they are pushed down the results page. The further down they are, the less likely that anyone searching your business will see them. I always said that Reputation Management is like Search Engine Optimization done backwards.

It can take years for a business to build that solid sterling reputation, but take only hours for a disgruntled employee to post all kinds of negative comments and falsehoods, taking your hard built solid reputation and amounting it to just another company with negative reviews. Don’t be a victim of this type of assault.

Reputation Management, at its core, is putting up positive information about your company or product. Posting positive reviews on blogs, posts, and anywhere else you can! By optimizing your reviews for search engines, you can assure that they will all rank well when someone does a search for your company. If you have 1 negative review, post 5 positive ones. That’s not scientific but you get the point!

Flooding the search engines with positive reviews will “fill the spots” of the search results, and the more you have, the further down that negative comment will go. This is just one method of Reputation Management.

Some people think Online Reputation Management is just for a bunch of crooks who don’t want their negative posts to appear in the search engines…just another myth, not true!

Going back to the disgruntled employee scenario, this employee could be totally in the wrong, but take to the web and spew falsehoods about the company, tarnishing its sterling reputation. Remember, once something is on the internet, it will be there forever. Once something hits the internet, that’s right, it is nearly impossible to have it removed…permanently.

The only other option left open to the “wise businessman” is to employ Reputation Management to combat the disgruntled employees negative comments. So as you can see, it is something that can be widely used in many businesses’ marketing strategy to ensure that their customers are seeing exactly what they want their customers to see.

Let’s face it – A negative comment or review can be a real drag! It may be time for you to consider using Reputation Management to guarantee that your customers are seeing your best reviews, all the time! Also keep in mind that if you use Reputation Management all the time, regardless of if you have negative reviews, then the chances of one disgruntled employees bad comments become a lot less!