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Advertising with Pay per Click and Google Adwords

Investing in Google Adwords for advertising your online business

Google Adwords is among the most effective ways to go about addressing an internet marketer’s online advertising and SEO needs. If done properly, PPC or Pay per Click Advertising can dramatically improve revenues. When improperly done or mismanaged though, it can turn out to be very costly with poor and ineffective results.

Now a lot of internet marketers out there tend to think of pay per click advertising as something expensive and totally unnecessary which is certainly not the case. It would be in your best interest to know all that you can about it as Google Adwords can be one of the most cost-effective solutions that you can tap into in the internet marketing business

 A good look at Google Adwords and Pay per Click Advertising

Now to better understand what pay per click advertising is, it would be best to assess the difference between internet marketers that effectively makes use of pay-per-click advertising and those that don’t. If you’ve been in the internet marketing business for quite some time, then you would know that one of the vital things that you can do to improve your chances of success in the competitive world of internet marketing is to strategically target keywords with low competition.

For instance, let’s take the keyword “worker compensation lawyer” as an example which is probably seeing a lot of competition – people in need of legal assistance in worker compensation cases are most likely to have these keywords in mind when looking up information about such legal services. Thus purchasing keywords of this caliber can be very costly and each time an online user clicks on an ad that is targeting the keyword mentioned, the cost for internet marketers putting out the ad can be very high. However, there is certainly a way to reduce such expenses in pay per click advertising.

Instead of using the keyword ‘worker compensation lawyer”, why not look up keywords that are synonymous to it but isn’t seeing much competition and a more affordable cost per click? One good example is the keyword “Adelaide worker compensation lawyer” (that is if you are targeting clients in Adelaide). Such keywords will still come up in SERPs (Search Engine Page Results). Major search engines such as Google take Synonyms into account as related keywords and may include them in the search results even if you’ve not actually bought any of the competitive and expensive keywords for your pay-per-click advertising campaign. This will dramatically reduce cost per click while providing you with the results you need.

Indeed using keywords with fairly low competition is an excellent approach to getting more traffic to your site with minimal expenses. Thus it is important for online business owners to pay careful attention to their keyword research prior to jumping in on PPC campaigns. The popular and obvious keywords may appear to be the ones that will bring you more valuable clicks but ironically, it’s usually quite the opposite.

In a nut shell, keywords that are seeing less competition and terms that aren’t as obvious as the competitive keywords directly referring to the product but still very relevant to it is the best way to go about your pay-per-click advertising campaign. This begs the question though, how exactly do you effectively come up with such keywords? That is where Google Adwords come in!

Google Adwords can be described as an excellent and highly effective tool for researching relevant and low competition keywords. Google Adwords can be used to analyze broad search terms and narrow it down to relevant and synonymous keywords internet marketers can more effectively compete in.

Google Adwords can give you as many as 100 relevant and similar terms that are related to a particular one and gives you all the information you need about them such as the level of competition and total number of monthly searches among other things. Needless to say, internet marketers need to choose those keywords that are again, less competitive, but has enough traffic to be profitable.