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Assessing the Credibility of an Online Marketing Agency in Australia

Online marketing agency in Australia image by Think Big Online

What makes an Internet marketing company ideal?

Are you looking to establish a profitable online presence for your business with the help an online marketing agency in Australia? The services of such an agency can certainly prove invaluable in achieving such a goal but only if you choose the right one. Mess it up and it could definitely cost you. Hence the question – what makes an Internet marketing company ideal and what are some of the things that you ought to look out for in assessing credibility? Let’s get right to it!

The Qualities of a good digital marketing firm

Page rank and social media profile

Let’s start with something simple like their page rank and social media profile? While you can cut them some slack for not being number 1 for “web marketing services” on Google, they must be able to demonstrate their ability to rank websites. Ask them for a list of relevant long tail keywords that their website is ranking for or ask them for a portfolio that shows exactly what they can do for you.

You would want to check out their “footprint” on social networks as well as if they can influence consumers a great deal. Their ability to promote knowledge and information through popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is a good indicator of an agency’s credibility.

What do their clients have to say?

What better way to gauge the credibility of a digital marketing firm but to hear it from their clients themselves? You would like to hear what some of their previous clients have to say about a certain online marketing agency in Australia. Ask for referrals or case studies of their clients and what the agency was able to do for them. If you get to talk to an existing client then all the better! You’d know just what to expect once you get on-board.

A few other things that you would want to look out for when gauging the credibility of an online marketing agency:

  • Is the agency’s website well designed, functional and informative? You’d want to deal with an online marketing agency that clearly knows what they’re doing and that can reflect on the agency’s website itself!
  • Do they have an actual office? Although such agencies operate online, having an actual office inspires confidence and legitimacy. After all, it’s good to know that you can always find and walk up to them if you ever need to.
  • What’s the word on your online marketing agency? If they’ve done excellent work then you should hear compliments and this will help you achieve the same thing for your business

Looking to get started with a credible and highly reputable online marketing agency? You can certainly expect nothing less out of Think Big Online! Get in touch with us today on 02 8413 6409 and book a consultation with a proven and highly capable online marketing agency in Australia.