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PROOF – They Key To Creating Persuasive Copy

Creating persuasive copy image by Think Big OnlineAs business owners we create websites with the major purpose of generating more sales or leads for our business.  One of the keys to ensuring this actually occurs is writing persuasive copy, copy that elicits emotions from the readers and motivates them to action.

Now this may sound like a hard task but ultimately the easiest way to motivate readers is by using PROOF that what you are saying is true.  One of the best ways to show proof is through testimonials, but if you don’t have testimonials then you need to do some research.

For example, recently we were working with a company that creates promotional videos and they were a brand new company.  Obviously they didn’t have any testimonials so to help create proof that their company and service was needed we used statistical proof like this:

 Did You Know That A Website With Video Is 53 Times More Likely To Rank On The Home Page Of Google?

 Did You Know That A Website Visitor Who Watches A Video Is 62% More Likely To Purchase?

 As you can see these statistics show that video has a positive effect on your ability to generate traffic and your ability to create sales.  By using these statistics we’re showing to the visitor proof that the service provider is needed.  This proof will help to convince the visitor and convert them from a browser to a buyer.

It’s important to note in this example, this business didn’t have any customer proof but they did have statistical proof.  So there’s no reason why you can’t use proof in your business and your copy to generate conversion results for your business.  But, as your business grows and you start to generate clients it’s always good to add in client results.  Client results are the most persuasive and powerful way to convey proof to your audience.

If you take a quick look around our site, you’ll notice that we use many different forms of proof.  We’ve found that for us, the best way to sell our services is to show our results to clients.

In the comments below, let us know how you’re using proof in your business!