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February 2013 Online Marketing Newsletter

Sam’s Corner – Newsletter #5


2013 has started off with a bang! Here at Think Big Online we’ve been busily helping our clients prepare for the MOBILE BOOM, adjust to the most recent SEO Changes and embrace Social Media like never before.

It seems like business owners have finally “got it” and in 2013 are taking the steps they need to digitize their business. During this month the Think Big team are heading to the US for some specialized training, training which we are sure will help our clients.

Watch out for my March update which will cover all these training hot points with you! In the mean time enjoy this months newsletter!



It’s been another month of big changes across the web with Facebook making some major announcements and the Bing VS Google battle continuing to heat up. This year is going to be an extremely interesting year in search; potentially Google is going to lose some market share to Bing with Facebook’s close alliance with Bing.

With that said though, Bing is still a long way behind the 8 ball and is certainly not threatening Google’s position as the search leader. According to recent reports Google is even experiencing a revenue spike with it’s Adwords product in 2013.

Business owners should keep a keen eye on Facebook over the coming weeks as they continue to roll out more ad changes and network changes which are enhancing the ability for businesses to achieve positive ROI. All indications are that Facebook have finally found the right mix between user experience and advertiser experience.


In the early parts of 2013 I sat down with my team to assess what we were doing as a business to follow up our leads, engage our customers and generally provide a complete “marketing experience”.

Now I’m not afraid to admit that in the process we picked up a few gaping holes in our system which we needed to immediately fix. It wasn’t that we’d over looked these areas it was just we hadn’t decided to put the focus on them.

When I sat down and calculated what our lack of focus in this area computed to in terms of sales and profits for Think Big I was shocked. We were leaving a lot of sales on the table.

So over the past few weeks we’ve been implementing a complete overhaul to our Marketing Automation system and the first part of that move was to purchase Infusionsoft.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, we had successfully used Zoho, Aweber and Nanacast within our business, but this “cobbled together suite” was making it harder for us to market successfully.

That’s why we moved and since the move we’ve certainly started to see improvements in our marketing experience. You see, while having the new solution was great, what it really triggered for us was a complete review of what we were doing.

A review at a level that we’d never have conducted if we didn’t change software solutions. It certainly gives credence to the saying “A change is as good as a new start”.

Take some time out this week and have a look at your marketing experience, are you doing everything you can to maximize your business?