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eCommerce Marketing Tip 29


Ecommerce Marketing Tools

Looking for some great ecommerce marketing tools that you can use to improve conversion, tracking and sales for your business? Well there are certainly quite a number of them in the market and knowing how to make good use of them and how it could actually benefit our business can prove the difference between failure and success.

Let’s go ahead and start with some good and free ecommerce marketing tools from Google itself – the dominant search engine on the internet:

Google Analytics and Google ecommerce tracking – Ecommerce businesses absolutely need to have both installed in their respective websites and for good reason. You can’t improve what you are not properly tracking and these tools enable business to keep track of results and make changes to their ecommerce marketing campaign as necessary. You can learn all about it on another of our videos about how to set them up and make good use of them.

Google Webmaster Tool – another great must have ecommerce marketing tool that businesses can all rely on to provide an accurate overview of their business websites and how it’s doing. It’s invaluable for pinpointing obstacles or problems hindering your website from provide great user experience and enable search engines to index your website better.

Google Merchant Center – enables you to submit product feeds and have them show up on the search engine product listings. It’s a great tool for driving free traffic to ecommerce websites.

There are also some great ecommerce marketing tools that you can use to sniff out competitors and keep track of what they are doing. Such tools include:

  • SEM Rush
  • Keyword Spy
  • Alexa


These ecommerce marketing tools for competitor analysis are free and can be used to provide valuable insights to where your competitors are actually getting their traffic from. You can then use the information to pinpoint weaknesses or areas for improvement and implement effective and profitable strategies for your business

Ecommerce marketing split-testing tools

Ecommerce businesses need to consistently split test different elements on their website. This includes price, images, product descriptions layout and more! You can do just that by using a couple of great ecommerce marketing tools such as:

  • Google Content Experiment
  • Optimize Me
  • Visual Website Optimizer


Ecommerce marketing tools for enhanced website functionality

If you’re particularly looking for ways to improve the functionality of your website, you might want to look at SLI systems. While it’s not free and can be quite expensive, it is highly recommended for businesses generating at least 20,000 visits in a month and helps you ensure the best possible search experience for prospects. Prospects that make use of the search functions on an ecommerce website are often more likely to convert to sales compared to those that don’t.

LSI systems are known for providing very good search functionality, insights and other cool features that support search functions for improved conversions. It also works with mobile phones making it a great addition to your mobile marketing campaign. More importantly, it enables you to hook up with your Facebook business page essentially allowing you to pull in all of your products or services to your Facebook page and send back prospects likely to make a purchase.

Ecommerce marketing tool for leveraging reviews

One of the most effective ways to improve conversion rate on ecommerce websites is to feature reviews and have people comment and provide great ratings for products or services offered on the website. You can use a great add-on tool called Power Reviews to do just that!

Ecommerce marketing tools for social sharing

Social Sharing presents another great way to boost conversions on ecommerce websites and there are some great free tools that you can use to take full advantage of it. A few options that come highly recommended include “Share this” and “Add to this”.

Ecommerce Heatmap tools

To gain better insights on what your prospects are looking for and how they are reacting to certain elements on your ecommerce website, you can install Heatmap Tracking.  You can opt for something cheaper like Crazy Egg starts for about $9 a month and enables you to see what visitors are actually looking at and clicking on. If you are looking for a more in depth option and don’t mind the added cost, you can check out Clicktale.

The Human Element

Now while all the tools mentioned above are fantastic and can certainly help you improve your website for a significant increase in business, we need to look at the human element. We recommend a fantastic service that is now available called User Testing and have real people go through your website and provide a video review of their user experience, the challenges that they encounter and what they actually think about your website.

User Testing is a powerful tool simply because it provides the human element that you simply won’t find on most other ecommerce marketing tools.

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