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How to Create a Compelling Offer in Your Email Marketing

Let’s face it. Most e-mail marketing offers are terrible. This is not to say that the product or offer itself is terrible. However, too many times e-mail marketing is poorly designed, poorly thought out, or, at worst, spammy. If you want your customers to pay attention to what you’re trying to tell them, then you have to make the offer compelling! Here’s a series of things you can do to improve your e-mail offers right away.

Make the offer appealing.

Most e-mail offers are bland. They simply present the offer in plain terms, and leave it up to the customer to decide how it’s useful. However, most customers are not going to put this much thought into it on their own. So what can you do? Tell them! This can apply to all facets of your e-mail. Look for common, everyday directions, and inject them with descriptive and compelling language. Why say “Click here for more information” when you can say “Click here to learn how (your offer here) can (whatever benefit you expect them to gain)” This takes the guess work out of their hands, and directs their thought processes down the path you want them to take.

Inject enthusiasm.

Stay focused on the benefits of your offer. Let the potential customer know exactly what they stand to gain from purchasing your product or service. Make them see that their business or lives will be so much better off with your service than without it. People need to be told, and when they see how enthusiastic you are about your product, they will begin to get enthusiastic about it themselves. After all, enthusiasm is contagious!

Create a sense of urgency

Give them a cut-off date. People who are on the fence are likely to be swayed in your direction if they feel that they are about to lose out on a great opportunity (because you explained to them what a great opportunity it is). Even if you don’t take the ability to purchase the product or service away from them, show them how much money they will lose by not taking advantage of your special discount.

On the same token, don’t undercut yourself by offering a special discount every other week, or to the same recipient right in a row. People will then come to expect your service at this price, and the urgency you created will be lost completely.

Create a sense of drama

Remember the television show 24? People were enthralled and on the edge of their seats just because a ticking clock was added to the cut-scenes. This let people know that time was running out, in a very visual and impactful way. You can incorporate this tactic as well. Don’t just create a limited-time offer, send out one e-mail about it, and then forget about it. Create a series of e-mail that tells them exactly how much time is left. This also helps create the sense of urgency that was discussed above.

If you can focus on these four thing, you will see the conversion rates from your e-mail marketing campaigns markedly improve. Just stick with it. Treat your e-mails with the same importance as you would with a print advertisement. It’s your message, after all.