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Desk Top Safari: Finding Your Inner Wild Animal While at Work!

Pause your Webinar; stop typing and put down your tax return! You need to start collecting a library full of animal pictures right away! Why? Because Desk Safari has landed and it’s happening in offices around the globe!

Mike Whiteside has combined his creativity with work productivity inventing the very hilarious and entertaining Desk Safari, turning upside down the droning of office workers with the untamed behavior of wild animals.

The Tumblr blog (Click here) is full of submissions from fans of the craze. The best are, without a doubt, where the subject has no idea that they’re involved! And of course the pure hilarity of the intentional and well thought out poised photos.Check out some of our favorites below.

It truly is a very fascinating idea, combining the quirky characteristics of animals with the bored and motivational lacking office worker. Despite being trapped behind their desk, now they can swim in the ocean (as I did as Nemo), soar through the sky, leap across lily pads, or even (if you have an IPad) hang upside down like a bat.

If your office has taken on the crazy and fun trend, write a comment or even better tag us in one of your creations!