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Why Buying Fans Will Destroy Your Fan Page

More Facebook fans – it’s something everyone wants, some because they think it’ll make more money, some because it boosts their ego, and some because they just want to brag to be friends at the pub.

There are many different ways to get Facebook likes and I’ve listed some below:
  1. Running competitions
  2. Putting out good content on your blog and fan page
  3. Posting comments on group or other peoples posts
  4. Running Facebook ads with an offer
  5. Using a like gate
  6. Offering coupons
  7. Use exciting images that get shared
But still so many people resort to buying Facebook likes because it gives them a quick hit of pleasure and boosts their fan page, well in the short term…
The swam of sites offering to get you “real Facebook likes” seems to be growing as more business owners and newbie internet marketers pay $10 to get 1,000 likes. Seems pretty good right?
Facebook has an algorithm (fancy word for filter) called EdgeRank that picks up on how many fans are interacting with your fan page. The higher the percentage of engagement, the more your content is shown to the rest of your fans and your fans friends.
Tools like Edge Rank Checker will show you how your fan page is performing and what you need to do to maximise your EdgeRank and gain the most exposure.
On the flip side if you are buying Facebook fans you instantly get a heap of fake profiles and people in third world countries liking your page, that will never engage with your fan page again. This means you instantly lower your EdgeRank score and the real people who have liked your page won’t see your content either.
The only way you will get them to see your content is to run Facebook Ads to help boost the views. But guess what?…
You are now paying to advertise to fake profiles and people that will never buy anything from you 🙂
The good news!
If you have been duped into buying Facebook likes then you can remove people from your page. Sure it will take awhile and is not a fun a job, but it can be done. I won’t show you how to do it, because Karen Clark has written a good post for you here.
If you do want to increase your engagement on Facebook then check out Katies post for some quick tips.