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E-Commerce Marketing Tip #18 – Google Plus


We all know how important it is to have one’s ecommerce website appear high up on Google. Since Google introduced Google+ in 2011, we’ve seen some dramatic changes in the way search engine rankings are being decided particularly with Google+ – Google’s social network, which now significantly influence search engine results. How exactly is this so?

As people in the ecommerce business already knows, “Likes attract Likes” and with Google+, it’s all about the number of people that you have in your circle of influence and their likes or interests. Let’s say you have friends on your network that are interested in clothing and one of them has shared or clicked the Google+ button on a fashion website. You are then more likely to see that certain website on top search engine results when doing relevant queries on Google.

Needless to say, Google+ is affecting the world of ecommerce and search engine optimisation in a great way and you can bet that it’s only the beginning. Google’s ultimate goal is to dominate people’s online experience which includes:

  • Search engine results
  • Social media
  • Online shopping
  • Ad platform


People need to start implementing and making good use of Google+ for their respective businesses because it’s only going to affect search engine rankings more in the future. Ecommerce businesses can start doing just that by adding a Google+ button on their webpages. If your website visitors end up liking what they see then they can just press such a button and it will help raise your rankings in Google instantly!

Another great way for ecommerce businesses to start implementing Google+ to further their business goals is to set up a Google+ page for their business. And start a personal profile for themselves as well. It’s a good place to produce quality content in a consistent basis related to your business and the problem that it solves for people.

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