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eCommerce Marketing Tip #13 – Search Makes Money

Making money with online searches

What kind of traffic sources are you targeting for your ecommerce business? Well there actually quite a number of them aside from the ones generated by Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. This includes social media, e-mail, videos and various other online sources that can be used to drive traffic and ultimately generate more sales for your business.

The great thing about search is that you can effectively and accurately predict what people are looking for and hopefully make a sale out of it. For example, users may type in “buy canon camera online” and you can tell what exactly these users are looking for and structure your campaign to target those people making it more likely for your business to create a profitable sale online.

Now there are two types of marketing – pull marketing and push marketing. Pull marketing which is also known as search engine marketing is a marketing strategy catering to people actively searching for your business for whatever they need online and coming to you.

Push marketing on the other hand refers to conventional methods of marketing a product or service which includes TV, radio and banner ads as well as social media advertisements like the ones found on Facebook. This type of marketing is also known as push marketing or interruption marketing and the name may already suggest, it involves briefly interrupting whatever the target market is doing at the moment in the hopes of catching their attention, getting them to visit your  website and make a sale.

Now the problem with push marketing is that people may not actually be at the best state of mind to pull out their wallet and spending money when they do see your ad. Thus while Facebook is perfect for push marketing as it enables you to target your prospects specifically, the chances that they are in the mindset and actually need what you have to offer at a certain time can be very unlikely.

With pull marketing, the chance of ecommerce businesses making a sale is that much higher as it caters to prospects actively searching for what you have to offer which means you’ll need a lesser amount of traffic in order to make a sale and create a more profitable business.

Just to give you an idea of the opportunity behind pull marketing – there are 19 billion searches made online every month! Now a number of them may not be actively searching for what you have to sell and some of them may simply be looking for information but the main point is that if you are able to position your ecommerce business in front of these people, you’ll literally have the money in the bag!

Looking to know exactly how many people are searching for what you have to offer online? Well you can do just that with Google’s keyword tool! Look for keyword tool on Google and simply type in the keywords relevant to the product or service that you offer and it’ll give you a clear picture of how many people are actually doing those searches online. You can use this information as a part of your market research and create content around the products or services that you are offering.

There are several great ways that ecommerce businesses can all look into in order to step in front of people that actively searching for what your business offers and are more likely to invest or make a purchase. One is paid online advertising such as Google Adwords wherein you pay each time a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. It does require considerable knowledge to set up and work in a profitable manner for your business but nevertheless, it is a scalable and has the potential to make a lot of money if done right.

Another approach is SEO or search engine optimization – a process of tweaking your website in order to optimize its chances of appearing higher on relevant search engine listings. SEO is more like renovating your house as opposed to paid advertisements which is like renting somebody’s advertising space. A tweaked and optimized website is a most valuable asset in ecommerce as it helps generate sales consistently.

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