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Google Adwords PPC Management

 What can our Google Adwords PPC Management services do for you?

Would you like to discover the fastest way to drive streams of highly targeted buyers to your website in the next 24 hours and have the phone ringing like a smoke alarm in an Aussie barbecue?

Just before I get into that, we want to let you in on a little secret – websites don’t make money. It’s not about the sausage, it’s about the sizzle and it’s not about the website, it’s about the visitors you get to your website.

Now you’ve probably heard of Google Adwords and you know that you can setup a campaign yourself or you can send one of your staff to attend courses on how to effectively run your campaign. We can tell you now that around 96 percent of all people that come to us for Adwords management that have an existing campaign have been doing it wrong and wasting fistful of money every day.

It’s not about how many visitors you get to your website but rather it’s about getting highly targeted leads that will be more likely to buy your product or service.  Sure we can send 2 million visitors to your website tomorrow but if no one buys that would be a waste of time and money so we would rather send 200 targeted visitors to your website tomorrow and have 100 of them pick up the phone, send you an e-mail or buy something giving you better returns on your marketing dollar and make more profit.

So how do you get more targeted visitors to actually pick up the phone, e-mail or buy from you? It all starts with tracking and this is where 99 percent of Adwords managers drop the proverbial ball. Think Big Online is the only company in Australia that has developed a state of the art tracking system that tracks every visitor on your website so that you know which types of people actually convert into sales. Once we know this, we start targeting more of these people to increase your return of investment.

Now you may be wondering, why is tracking so important? Well It’s because you can’t improve something that you’re not measuring. If you are running an Adwords campaign and not measuring which keywords and ads turn into phone calls, then you are burning money – money that you could be spending on a holiday in Bali, ski trip to France or a shiny new car.

You see that is where we are different – aside from driving floods of visitors to your website, we track everything so it’s simple for you to see that you are making money on everything we do.

Imagine when you get reports at the end of the month and you can see that for every $1,000 you invest outwards, you get $10,000 back in sales. How many thousands of dollars  would you invest? Think Big Online offers you all that and more!

Think Big Online Google Adwords PPC Management Services

As a full-service internet marketing company, our Google Adwords PPC Management Services here at Think Big Online includes:

  • In-depth keyword research (we target unlimited keywords)
  • Competition analysis
  • Tracking for all e-mails and phone calls
  • Full month reporting for position, traffic and leads

Here at Think Big Online, we guarantee that you won’t have to worry about dealing with any sleazy salesman, false promises and big stupid technical terms. We fully intend to bring our clients more leads for less and more sales resulting to higher return on investment and more money in their pocket. Some clients benefit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the services that we offer.

Go ahead and get in touch with our PPC consultants today for nothing less than excellent and truly profitable results!