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Think Big Online – Web Design and Web Development

Excellent Web Design and Web Development Services

Sex sells and the sexier you are, the more you sell. It’s been proven in multiple studies. Check out the video above to find out why this is true and the biggest mistake that businesses owners make when getting a website.

Now one scientific study done by Dr. Daniel Hammermesh found that the average good looking person will earn $250,000 more than their less attractive colleagues over time. Again reported in the journal of economic psychology, that good looking people sell more. How does this relate to your website?

Well your website is a salesperson too!

Indeed your website is a salesperson that works 24/7 and the thing is that just like the homosapien type, you can get the hard to manage, slow and poor performing websites that don’t get out there and bring in sales and you can also get the ones that are easy to manage, get out there, flaunt their stuff and bring in more business that you can handle.

We at Think Big Online only build the latter type because we are an online marketing agency and not just web designers. We understand how to build you websites that don’t just look good and converts visitors into phone calls.

All about our Web Design and Web Development Services

Too many web design companies build sites that look good but don’t make sales. We use a proven formula to make you look like a champion and have phone calls, emails and sales pouring in. You see contrary to popular belief, having a site design is not about having the prettiest design or having it at the cheapest price possible. It’s about building a machine that looks good, easy to use, works on mobile devices, search engine friendly and converts visitors to leads and sales.

Now let us share with you the most costly mistake that most people make when getting a site but before we do, we just want you to know about some of the great things that you can expect out of our web design and web development services:

  • Your website will be built on a platform that is updated daily so that you have an up to date website at any given time and you’ll never have to replace it
  • Your website will be built to sell – Your website is a marketing tool and the front door to our business so we use proven and tested elements within your website to make it stand out from the crowd and convert visitors into buyers
  • Your website will be built so that you can easily manage it and even a one armed monkey standing on its head can create new pages, update content and upload videos and images (It even comes with a blog at no extra cost)
  • You can have as many user logins as you want
  • Your website will be built on a powerful search engine friendly platform to help it rank higher in the search engines and be found by your new customers
  • Your website will be built to integrate easily with social media
  • With mobile usage going through the roof, your website will also be built to be compatible with mobile devices.


Now you may be wondering, what sort of sites do we actually build? Well we build business websites from small 10 page sites to thousands of pages eCommerce sites and everything in between. What’s more is that we offer a full 30 days tech support to make sure that everything is running smoothly and the site is exactly what you want. If you require any further support, our friendly team are always here to help.

A fair warning – other companies build your site but you don’t have control over it and you can’t move it away from their platform. Best case when you can move it, they’ll slug you with thousands just for the right to take it. We don’t buggerise with shenanigans like these.

we build your site so that you have full control over it and if you decide to move the hosting somewhere else, go for it! We don’t have any fine print or nasty exit fees to move which means that you have 100% control and ownership over you site as well as full training videos and documentation for you to have at your fingertips!