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Google Removes Logged In User Data

Yesterday Google announced that they will be removing the keyword data from analytics for logged in users visiting from Googles search engine.

How will this effect you?

This means that the search results in your analytics account are going to be skewed because the number of visitors vs the keywords entered won’t match up, making it harder to optimise your website for rankings. Giving webmasters less data (and inaccurate) to base their decisions on.

Oh and what about Adwords?

Google says it won’t effect Adwords data, but we suspect they may be optioning down the free version of Google analytics so that they have more to offer with a paid version of the tool in the future. Sneaky Sneaky..

Even after trying to make it seem like a small change “We are still measuring all SEO traffic. You will still be able to see your conversion rates, segmentations, and more. ” Google got a massive backlash for this on the analytics blog.

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