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How to Get your Youtube Video on the First Page of Google

Wondering about how to get your video to show on the first page of Google and Youtube? It’s not as difficult as you might think and in this article we aim to give you a good idea on how you can do just that.

Now for your video to successfully rank on Google and Youtube, you need to get a couple of things right:

You need to have your keywords in the actual video

Google has voice recognition software that has been implemented on Youtube for quite some time now. This software picks up on the words that you’re actually using in your video and determine which keywords it should be ranking for.

Now the video posted above was made to rank for “How to Get your Youtube Video on the First Page of Google”. Notice that the exact words were mentioned at the start of the video and towards the end. This will help Google recognise what your video is all about.

Get traffic to your video

You can generate traffic for your video from blogs, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform that allows you to share your videos with users. Once you’ve published your video, it’s important to get as much traffic as you can. Setting up Youtube ads is yet another solution to cheaply generate traffic on the platform and build up engagement for your video.

Put keywords in the title and description

When uploading your video, make sure that you put your keywords on the title and description. You can also include other words that are related to the search terms that you’d like to rank for. Again this will help Google determine what your video is all about.

Put related keywords in the tag

Don’t just put in keyword after keyword; make sure that you tag your video with related terms. In the case of the same video posted above, we’ve tagged it with related terms like “Google SEO”, “Youtube SEO” and “video SEO”. These are all related keywords to the words that we wanted to rank for.

Get people to engage with your video

Simply ask people to share your video if they like it or put in a comment. Perhaps they can send your video to their friends? Make sure to include a call to action encouraging people to interact with your video and it’ll help it rank much higher on Google and Youtube.

Embed your video on as many websites as possible

Both Google and Youtube will know whether or not your videos are being embedded on blogs and other websites. Such videos are perceived to be useful and good in quality; something that people will enjoy. Thus it’s a good idea to embed your videos on as many websites as you can. You can even ask other people to do it for you so long as it’s relevant to them. All these will help your video to rank on both Google and Youtube.

So there you have it – 5 steps on how to get your video to rank on the first page of Google and Youtube. If you need help ranking and getting traffic for your video on Youtube, go to and contact us. We’d be more than happy to help providing you with free consultation and see what we can do to get you more traffic.