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How to Make a Facebook Page to Promote your Business

Looking for information on how to make a Facebook Page for your business?

Facebook page for your business image by Think Big OnlineAre you practically clueless on how to create a Facebook page to promote your business? Well if you are looking to promote your products or services through Facebook, a Facebook page is a must! It’s different from Facebook profiles and groups in a sense that it’s more organized and can be described as a mini single page website that caters to local businesses, products and services.  It enables social media marketing professionals to reach out to their target audience quickly and effectively through a dominant social network.

Basic steps on how to make a Facebook page to promote your business

So let’s get down to it! How to make a Facebook page to promote your business? Well it certainly doesn’t have to be difficult. You can get the ball rolling by following these simple steps:

1. Set up your page – go to and logon to your account. Simply select the kind of business that you are creating a Facebook page for and complete the process by clicking on the “Create Page” button. You’ll then have to customize it specifying directions, hours, description, contact information and uploading images (upload brand or company logos to keep it professional and avoid using personal images).

2. Link your new Facebook page to your Twitter account. You can then begin suggesting your new page to friends and run a Facebook ad campaign to promote your page with demographics, target market and PPC (Pay-per-click).

3. Come up with interesting and captivating wall posts and add a “Like” box to your site. Make use of Analytics and Facebook Insights to keep track of interaction and user data.

Promoting your Facebook page

Okay so you’ve gone through the process of creating a Facebook page for your business, now what? Do we just lay back and wait for the “Facebook magic” to happen? Certainly not and in order for that “magic” to happen, marketers need to take steps to effectively promote their Facebook page. Facebook is after all, a social media platform and in order to be an effective marketing tool, marketers need to take measures to promote their Facebook page and there are a couple of best practices that you can look into to do just that!

Some best practices for promoting your Facebook page:

Engaging the community – effective Facebook marketing is all about effectively engaging fans and followers. A good approach to doing this is to make your Facebook business page all about them and just encourage people to just share what they think about your products or services. Features news or stories that are relevant to your business and how it affects your customers. Make sure that you moderate your business page though and take care of anything that may negatively affect your business.

What can you do?

  • Feature images of your latest products
  • Feature a particular product or service regularly
  • Post comments on events relevant to your industry that are likely to get people talking
  • Make sure that you give out an effective and timely response to comments, messages and posts from fans and followers.
  • Organize contests and provide discounts to customers – this is a popular and effective practice among Facebook pages. Discounts and contests with great rewards and prices is always a great way to attract more prospects. In the same way, you can offer exclusive content for new fans or other offers that could be a useful incentive for them to engage with your brand. This could come in the form of an eBook, a video or a small discount.


These are but a few of the many effective ways that you can look into to promote your Facebook business page. Indeed Facebook can be an extremely effective and profitable online marketing tool but only in the hands of those with the experience and expertise to actually make it happen! Knowing how to get a Facebook business page going and how to effectively promote it is certainly a great way of getting the ball rolling.