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How to Protect Your Company from Bad Comments on Facebook

In need of advice on how to protect your company from bad comments on Facebook?

Wondering about how to protect your company from bad comments on Facebook? It’s a challenge shared by all social media marketers when it comes to Facebook marketing. Social networks such as Facebook present an excellent and powerful platform for companies to advertise or promote their products. However, it also makes it easier than ever for dissatisfied unreasonable customers or shrewd competitors to spread negative comments and reviews about your business.

Now you may think that it’s just a simple matter of deleting negative comments or posts but doing so isn’t really the best thing that you can do on how to protect your company from bad comments on Facebook as it’ll often just motivate them to publish their complaints or comments elsewhere. These people can also come right back at you telling people about how you deleted their posts which would just make your business look bad and rather unprofessional. Confronting defamatory comments and reviews in Facebook marketing is not “black and white”. Social media marketers need to understand that they are working with human behavior here which is downright unpredictable.

Tips on how to protect your company from bad comments on Facebook

It is best to deal with bad or defamatory comments and posts on Facebook in the same way as you would on a “face to face” setting. What’s the best way to deal with someone who is screaming allegations at you in public? Would you stoop down to their level by giving in to emotions scream back at them or would you rather confront them calmly or professionally and offer to discuss the matter privately? One should take a fairly similar approach when it comes to dealing with negative and defamatory comments in social media – keep yourself above their behavior and keep your cool because most of these people just want attention so you better not give it to them.

You may want to come up with some rules on your company’s Facebook page to help people understand what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to posting comments and reviews. If there is a problem, assure clients that you are willing and committed to resolving it as part of your efforts in improving customer experience. Assess which comment or posts warrants a response from you and do not waste your time responding to posts or comments that are obnoxious, defamatory and without any basis. Remember that if you respond professionally and calmly it will make those responsible look bad but if you react in the same way it’ll make your business look foolish and unprofessional.

Now there is also one powerful feature that you can use to protect your company from negative comments on Facebook and that is the “Ban from page” feature. If somebody is attacking and criticizing your business on the social network with obnoxious remarks and can’t simply be reasoned with, you have every right to ban them from page and avoid the arguments about why you deleted their posts completely. Now it’s a gray area and one has to decide where to actually draw the line but you need to avoid wasting your time and effort on people who are not going to say anything good about your brand in the first place. Make sure that you are not neglecting those customers who are using the appropriate channels to contact and get in touch with your business peacefully and professionally.