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Key Elements of Successful Facebook Ads

It is not always the image that catches the attention of viewers in terms of promoting different campaigns on Facebook. To make your ads engaging and not wasting any money on ad spend, you need to maximise the use of different elements of Facebook ads.

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This type of element can grab more attention if you use the right terms to attract your audience. It directly gives the viewers an idea of what you are promoting. Take note that headlines appear to be bigger fonts so you should be careful not to put many words or phrases.



The element which you should provide the complete details of the promotion. This could be a guide on how the viewers should interact with the campaign, what requirements are needed from the viewers and since this element is placed above the image, it should start with catchy lines to attract an audience.



The link description is the element in which you tell your audience why they should visit your business landing page. You can also add the offerings included but it must be no more than 200 words.



This is often used to show your website link but you can also add search terms after the link. For example THINKBIGONLINE.COM.AU | Consultancy Agency in Australia.


Call to Action


You can choose from different call to action buttons provided by Facebook. Make sure you try different types of CTAs to determine which one is most effective in getting more clicks from your targeted audience.



The last element and the essential part of an ad is the image. This can make or break your campaigns. Creating an engaging banner ad image influences your audience to click on your CTAs or read more information about your campaign.


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