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Utilise Facebook Advert To Enhance Your Business

Facebook has been populated by online sellers nowadays. They sell products and services to cater to the needs of consumers. Some shopping pages post their ads with just simple still picture added by few attractive description to catch the attention of consumers. In this article, we will help you familiarise with the different Facebook Advert formats.

1) Photo Advert

This is the simplest way to promote your products or services. You can create ad banners for your campaigns and set your target audience.

2) Video Advert

Some people prefer to watch a video over reading an entire article. If you have a skill set in terms of simple or advanced video editing, you may want to consider promoting your products or services through video ads. Take note that people prefer shorter video ads. Make sure to insert the most exciting part in the first 15 seconds.


3) Carousel Advert


You can use up to ten images or videos to advertise your products. Most online sellers, especially with e-commerce business, prefer to use Carousel to maximise their ads and show that they have a lot to offer. Based on Facebook, Carousel Advert performs better because you can showcase a lot of products whilst people swipe or click the products they prefer and advertisers have up to ten cards to promote their campaigns.

4) Slideshow Advert

Creating a slideshow campaign is an alternative way of promoting your campaigns through video. Some advertisers prefer to use slideshow ads because it quickly loads compared to pure video ads that tend to buffer with viewers who have slower Internet connections. Slideshow ads also attract attention similar to video ads and are much easier to create.


5) Collection Advert

Image result for facebook collection ads

This type of advert is recommended to businesses that have eCommerce platform. They can showcase their products through different types of layouts in a single advert only.


6) Canvas Advert

Image result for facebook canvas ads

The type of advert that is mobile-optimised and will fully capture the attention of your audience. It shows full-screen experience of photo, video and carousel adverts. You can try using built-in templates from Facebook or build customised templates that may promote your business better.


Other Adverts based on Specific Goals

Lead Advert

Image result for facebook lead adverts

This type of advert will collect information from your target audience when they click your ads and fill out the form.


Dynamic Advert

Image result for facebook dynamic adverts

This will promote your shop by simply uploading your product catalogue. You can reach more shoppers and lead them to your website, re-target audience to add more sales and reconnect to people using different devices.


Link Advert

Get more website clicks by using this type of advert. You can use several call-to-action buttons such as Learn More, Shop Now, etc. to catch the attention of viewers that will attract them to click for more information pointing to your website. You can use photo, video or carousel adverts.

All types of adverts used in Facebook have several success stories. If you’re just starting out with Facebook Ads, we recommend you conduct a split test of ads to determine the most effective one.

Here at Think Big Online, we can make your ads to generate leads. If you need more information regarding Facebook Ads, you may reach us here and we will be very happy to assist you.

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