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Top 3 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes This 2017

Having a social media profile is essential for your business. Since Social Media is the best platform to create your business buzz. People are sharing their personal experience with your brand, giving opinions to their groups of the same interest whether to try your product or not, and it has also become a search engine platform for product and service enquiry.

In fact, according to Social Media Today, 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals, and 74% of consumers rely on Social Media before making the purchase decision.

This is why you need to use social media correctly. And, this where the saying of Brandon Mull applies – “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But real sharp ones learn from the mistake of others.”

Now, let’s be wise and kick-start your social media marketing journey by learning from the 3 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes committed by new businesses this 2017 to help you head start your profiles for the upcoming year 2018.

Creating Too Many Social Media Accounts on Different Channels

Here’s the most critical part of social media. You need to know where your business niche will stand out. If you are in the beauty industry focus in creating Social Media Accounts where your qualified audiences are very active. You cannot expect makeup artist to be ‘always’ active on LinkedIn. You need to assess what social media do are they into. Don’t waste efforts on things that won’t work for your business.

The best way and most practical go-to social channel a business should have is Facebook. Facebook is the most essential and flexible social media channel you can wisely use for your business. Since most people are signing up for it, it hasn’t been considered the number one Social Media platform for nothing.

Paying For Fake Followers and Likes

Having thousands of page fans and followers is definitely tempting to increase your business credibility. However, it is not best for long-term choice and benefit. All Social Media Platforms have their algorithm that clears out and removes fake fans and followers. It will not go be deleted instantly but will surely decrease from time to time.  And, would you want to have fans that are not even engaging with your content? If you have fake followers – surely will reach no one. Your organic post reach and social proof will not organically increase.

The key is to aim for genuine online fans that are truly interested in what you offer. This will eventually increase your social proof and help you build stronger community ties. There are many types of Ad of Facebook that will surely help you get the real ones.

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Do Not Over Share Contents

Posting too many contents in minutes and hours is the best strategy if you want to turn down your follower’s interest.  As much as possible, you need to strive to create quality contents, not quantity. Social Media Channels have their algorithm wherein they weight your post relevancy and show what’s best to your audience. You need to stay relevant, human and fun. You need to focus on how to be socials not how to do socials. That is where you find success in your social media journey.

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