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Improving your Business Presence on Facebook

Did you know that Coca-cola is actually one of the brands that have managed to establish the biggest business presence on Facebook? As of August of 2011 alone, Coca Cola’s Facebook marketing campaign had earned it more than 34 million fans and that numbers continues to grow at a rate of 3 percent every month.

Now you may be wondering, what does all that have to do with me when Coca-cola is a huge international brand that can afford to dish out millions of dollars in its marketing campaign? While that is indeed true, there are actually various strategies and methodologies in social media that you can learn and replicate from this social media marketing giant.

Tips for boosting your business presence on Facebook

Increasing your business reach in Facebook

As you may already know, your business reach in Facebook refers to the number of Facebook fans following your business page and how much this number grows grow every month. Growing these numbers is challenge that Facebook marketing campaigns all share and leveraging your current fans and customers is always a good place to start tackling such challenges.

You may want to think about integrating a page on your sight that showcases your social media presence and introducing social media buttons that take site visitors to your business pages on social networks enabling them to easily “like” or follow you.

You should also consider adding social media sharing buttons such as the “like” or “Share on Facebook” button to your existing web content like landing pages and blogs which would certainly help increase you reach and help improve the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Another excellent approach to attract followers in social media networks is to introduce content or materials that are exclusive to fans and followers of your brand. Social marketing studies had shown that more than 50 percent of Facebook users are actually looking forward to exclusive content from business pages that they’ve “liked” so take advantage of these numbers.

Captivate visitors with a preview of the exclusive content or material that you are offering. Customize tabs on your business page and come up with something that attracts new visitors of your business page to become fans.

Engaging your fans and followers

Fan and follower engagement on Facebook is all about your business sharing relevant content on a frequent basis. Engagement can be measured not only with the total number of posts you’ve made but the number of responses you are getting from fans or followers. In the case of Coca-cola, follower and fan engagement averages 1,749 likes and 236 comments per post as of August 2011.

Needless to say, your business needs to create and post interesting and engaging content on a regular basis aimed at sparking a conversation with your fans or followers.

Optimizing the technical structure of your business page

Many people in the social media marketing business tend to overlook this fact but the technical structure of your business page is just as important when improving your business presence on Facebook. There are certainly a couple of things that you could look into to ensure that that the technical structure of your page is optimized for Facebook’s search function.

For one thing, making sure that your brand name is present in the page title, vanity URL and body of your business page will certainly help and you also need to remember to add visible links to your business website which will help drive more site traffic.

Manage and keep track of your reputation

Indeed creating and regularly contributing interesting and engaging content on your Facebook page is crucial but keeping careful track of your business page and posts is every bit as important. You need to be on top of any active discussions present on your business page – it is after all a solution aimed at getting in touch and interacting with your fans and you need to do your part! You can use “Facebook Insights” to keep track of everything on your business page such as comments, views and fan growth.

Also remember that any Facebook user can create a page about your business either to praise or discredit it so just because your own business page is glowing with good feedbacks and comments doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels.