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The Facebook Marketing Bible Dictating Online Marketing Campaigns

The latest online marketing reports have concurred in the predominance of Facebook among various social media platforms used by companies to communicate with their customers. With a large percentage of marketing dollars being spent on social media, the recent launch of the Facebook Marketing Bible is in sync with the growing need of companies to learn how to use this platform better in effectively projecting and reinforcing their brands as well securing more business.

With the website closing on the mark of 800 million active monthly users, most marketing gurus have been quick to realize the potential and lucrative returns on advertising with Facebook ads to reach their target audience.

Today, everyone from a baby boomer to an echo boomer seeks information fast and free of cost on the Internet.  Social networking sites such as Facebook are just the right platform for companies to interact in real time with their customers, field their questions, and to get feedback. If you have already been doing all this, you can now do it even better with the comprehensive guidebook launched by Facebook.

The online edition of the Facebook Marketing Bible includes meticulously put together resource pages that cover various digital marketing techniques in extensive details along with all-inclusive how-to guides and remarkable case studies focusing on the most innovative as well as successful marketing and advertising campaigns launched on this site.

The key highlights of this book include details pertaining to the usage of the subscribe button by various brands to drive referral traffic for their websites to build their customer base and tips to minimize the CPC bid prices of Facebook ads for a higher ROI.

In addition to that, the book also provides detailed information on synchronizing the Facebook page updates with the company’s Twitter profile and offers an insight on the use of hidden wall feature as well as other innovative tools for page moderation to help online marketers protect the reputation of their brand.

This is just a sneak peek into the Facebook marketing tips and tricks that guarantee ecommerce success when employed strategically.