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Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media for Successful Businesses

Good content marketing and social marketing for a more profitable business

Integrating content marketing and social media image by Think Big OnlineWhat do we mean by integrating content marketing with social media and why do it at all? Well if you are on the lookout for some great solutions for attracting traffic and new prospects as well as ultimately turning them into buyers and avid customers, its certainly an area that no business can afford to overlook. In a good content strategy, today’s social networks can actually prove invaluable. All you really have to do is bridge the gap that many businesses online often have between their content and social media.

Bridging the gap between content marketing and social media

So how do we do we go about bridging the gap between content marketing and social media? Well there are a couple of things about your social strategy and content marketing strategy that you need to assess and look into:

Attracting prospects – if you are a buyer or customer in need of a certain product or service on the market, the first question that you probably have in your mind is what solutions can you actually opt into? Awareness should then be the initial focus of your business and that your products or services can actually address the needs of your prospects!

Now what does all these actually have to do with content and social marketing? Well according to various search engine marketing studies done by Google, people now days are looking up more sources online (10 on average) prior to making a significant decision of buying or investing in something. Success is certainly within reach of businesses engaging and keeping in touch of prospects via social networks and pointing them to various sources prospects may need to come to a decision

So how are businesses supposed to do all that? Well there are certainly a number of ways.

  • Informational content which revolves around creating and sharing information content is certainly one important aspect of a good social media strategy. You can probably attest to this yourself if you are active user of various social networks where you’ll often see headlines and descriptions of content along with links that point users to relevant and reputable sources online. This can prove effective as a content marketing solution especially for drawing in prospects researching about a particular product or service.
  • Webinars can also be used to promote awareness for your business as it provides a good opportunity to exhibit one’s specialty and expertise in your niche market. Prospects are then naturally more drawn to you and are a lot more likely to do business with you. You can start conversations with prospects on social networks and then invite them to participate in webinars to hopefully seal the deal.


Converting to Sales – now another question that consumers often have in mind is what products or services are actually right for them? Success in content strategy today requires that you make and publish content that presents proof on what your business actually has to offer. Your prospects may have had their eyes on other businesses similar to yours and you have to make an effort to be seen as the one offering the best value.

So how do you offer such a proof and actually get your business to stand out as the one offering a better value than your competitors? While it may seem like an overly difficult feat to pull off – it actually doesn’t have to be! A short video demonstration of your products or one that explains the services that your business renders will often suffice and significantly improve results for your content marketing and social media strategy.

You may also want to think about doing and presenting case studies as a part of your content strategy as it is also good proof that your business has what it takes to deliver the results that your prospects need.

Simply put, traffic alone is not enough to succeed in search engine marketing now days. You need a content strategy that offers proof and then promoting that proof through social networks. One more thing – never “bad-mouth” nor directly say anything negative about your close competitors just to make your business look good. It will only make your business appear arrogant and unprofessional. Leave it to your prospects to decide which solutions are right for them.

In Conclusion

Content marketing and social marketing is a match made in heaven for businesses looking draw in more traffic and better sales online. For businesses to effectively attract traffic and turn them into an actual sale, one’s content strategy and social media strategy should be an integrated as a seamless part of an online marketing campaign. Whether you like it or not, a significant part of your prospects will keep on using social network. All that a successful businesse can do is adapt!

How well have you integrated your content marketing with your social media strategy?