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JVZoo Review and Bonus – Affiliate Network

All about the JVZoo affiliate network

1Looking for a good affiliate network or perhaps a viable alternative to mainstream networks like Clickbank and Amazon? If so then JVZoo might be something that you might want to check out. There is much talk about this particular network among marketing affiliates and in this review we are going to take a look at why, how it differs from other affiliate networks and what it actually has to offer.

Now as affiliate network goes, JVZoo is fairly new but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining much traction and popularity among affiliate marketers and it’s mainly attributed to the fact that the said affiliate network directly pays affiliate commissions straight to one’s Paypal account. This is unlike most other affiliate networks which often process payouts on a weekly or monthly basis – more on that later.

Of course there are perks for being a seller on their marketplace as well – there are no upfront costs for putting up products on JVZoo and sellers can create as many “Buy” buttons as they want. There are no out of pocket charges for doing so and for a small percentage of the sale; the marketplace handles all billing and affiliate processing

How does JVZoo compare with other affiliate networks?

As mentioned earlier, JVZoo instantly processes commissions via Paypal and we believe that this is what truly sets it apart from most of its counterparts. Popular affiliate networks like Clickbank, Amazon Associates and Commission Junction can make it difficult for affiliates to get paid especially for beginners. JVZoo was one of the first to adopt PayPal’s adaptive payment architecture which enables the network to hand out affiliate commissions the moment a sale is generated.

JVZoo’s adaptive payment system also guards against refund issues prevalent in most other affiliate networks which protect all parties – the seller, consumer and affiliate.  Just as it instantly credits the account of sellers and affiliates at the point of sale, the system also divides the refund amount between both parties avoiding delays, confusion and possible loss of reputation.

Note: At the time of writing JVZoo now provides sellers the discretion of whether to release their affiliate’s commission instantly or delay it by 45 to 60 days.  Most sellers offer instant commissions to affiliates who’ve sold 25 or more products and have proven themselves capable of promoting their offers.


As illustrated on the diagram above, consumer sales in JVZoo are truly divided among JVZoo, the seller and affiliate. Thus when a refund is initiated via Paypal, the amount is split among all parties in the same manner as it was credited creating the ideal situation to benefit all parties – JVZoo gets a percentage of the sale, sellers get to outsource the promotional and billing process on their behalf and affiliates quickly get their commission.

Considering its advantages, it is no wonder JVZoo has managed to quickly attract the attention of so many sellers and affiliate marketers. In your search for this review, perhaps it has managed to capture yours as well. There are a bunch of other great things that JVZoo offers as well:

  • Easy product creation for sellers along with a useful collection of free tools like the “Sales Funnel” tool.
  • Clever integration with Warrior Forum (an even larger marketplace for online marketing products). It works by replicating any offers sellers might have on the warrior forum and posting it on the JVZoo network as a backup. An automatic WSO Fail over System constantly monitors the status of the Warrior Forum which is known to be prone to network downtimes and reroutes all affiliate links to the JVZoo backup whenever the site is unavailable.
  • Easy deliver of affiliate bonuses – bonuses are a great way affiliates to increase their sales and JVZoo makes it’s fulfillment a breeze. One simply needs to navigate their way into the “Create New Bonus” option then specify the URL where your bonus is located or upload the file to the network’s server. The set bonus will then be immediately available to buyers after completing checkout.
  • Simple and Practical User Navigation – users can easily find whatever information they need on the website


Easy bonus fulfillment for affiliates
Easy bonus fulfillment for affiliates


Having mentioned some of the great things about the JVZoo affiliate network, it does have its own share of drawbacks and it is only fair that they be mentioned in this review:

  • Web interface design leaves much to be desired although this is more of a personal preference
  • Currently lacks mobile compatibility – site is not viewable on many mobile devices. Users also report issues across different type of mobile browsers.
  • Some products are not properly categorized – most offers appear to be mostly centered on online marketing or making money online (e.g. top results for the employment category include Neobux PTC, Art Outsourcing, etc.) which makes it unintuitive for most users who are probably looking for information on how to excel in their career, how to seek out employment opportunities and passing a job interview.



Is JVZoo the right affiliate network for you?

If you can appreciate the advantages that JVZoo offers that it can certainly be the right affiliate network for you. Granted the network has less than 15 percent the total number of offers that Clickbank or Commission Junction has but that could very well change in a year or two citing policy changes that left many sellers and affiliate marketers disgruntled.

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