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Rackspace Hosting Review and Bonus – Web Hosting

All about Rackspace Hosting


Rackspace Hosting is a web hosting platform powered by Openstack (one of the largest providers of cloud technology for both private and public open source computing platforms) and specializes in providing high performance and scalable solutions for hosting websites and web applications. The platform boldly claims that “apps and sites run better on their high-performance cloud” but is that really the case or is it just all hype?

Is Rackspace Hosting the right web hosting solution for you?


Now if you are interested in Rackspace hosting as a web hosting solution for your website then there are probably only two things that you would like to know – is it truly the right web hosting solution for you and what are some of the great things that it actually offers?

Well there’s certainly a handful especially for webmasters looking to create demanding corporate sites or resource extensive web applications – public cloud technology is more than capable of supporting such vital workloads.

The great thing about their public cloud hosting solutions is that they are designed to seamlessly work together and can all be managed from a single API/control panel. One popular and sought after cloud product that they offer is the hybrid cloud (a dedicated server linked to a cloud server) but more on that later. Let’s check out some of their main features:

The power of cloud hosting – Rackspace hosting offers quick and highly reliable cloud hosting solutions to suit any site or web app requirement.


Automated scaling – webmasters can set their own resource specifications (CPU, storage, memory and overall cost). With these parameters, the web platform automatically increases or decreases web hosting resources to adjust to any irregularities in website activity. A Deployment feature enables web masters to easily install and run any web application or site framework.

Fully managed dedicated servers – Rackspace hosting offers dedicated server solutions for webmasters that need web hosting power that extends well beyond what shared web hosting has to offer. All dedicated server plans come with a perfect uptime guarantee and around the clock support.

Introducing Hybrid Cloud – the pride and joy of Rackspace hosting. Hybrid cloud offers webmasters the best in web hosting performance by combining the speed and reliability of a dedicated server with the security and flexibility of a cloud server.


For: While all of Rackspace public cloud and hosting services are all fairly good and are better than most other web hosting platforms in the market, it is with their hybrid cloud hosting services that it truly distinguishes itself. If you are among those who seek out the advantages offered by hybrid cloud solutions then you certainly can’t go wrong with Rackspace hosting.

Against: Higher than average cost even for their most basic hosting solutions and dedicated server plans. Service is generally reliable but when you do run into any problems a lot of feedbacks and complaints can be found online about their less than adequate and fairly unresponsive support. Additional cost in terms of API and web module integrations can also be a factor.

In conclusion

Rackspace Hosting represents a good and very capable choice in web hosting platforms and particularly so for webmasters interested in hybrid cloud technology and benefit from the advantages that it offers over conventional hosting. Now it’s not for everyone – learning curve can be terribly steep and the less than stellar quality of support makes it a not so friendly choice for beginners but for webmasters that know what they are doing and doesn’t have to rely much on back end support, Rackspace hosting provides a reliable and proven web host platform that can truly deliver!

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