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Site Ground Hosting Review and Bonus – Web Hosting


Are you interested in Site Ground and the services that they offer for hosting your site? Well hold off your horses and check out this detailed review about this particular web hosting service provider and whether they are actually the right option for you.

All about Site Ground Hosting

Site Ground is a company that has been in the web hosting industry since 2004 and represents one of the top web hosting service providers in the market today. They specialize in providing affordable and comprehensive web hosting solutions for small and medium- sized businesses and now serve thousands of webmasters from all over the globe.

What does Site Ground Hosting have to offer?

A full range of shared web hosting solutions to inexpensively suit just about any web hosting requirement whether it’s the “Start up” plan for newbie webmasters to the premium “Go Geek” web hosting plan for experienced webmasters with multiple websites and a need for more powerful features such as super cache and server priority for better site performance.


Granted that Site Ground’s shared web hosting plans are far from being targeted and lack customization options but they are more than adequate for many webmasters especially those who are operating on a tight budget. All plans come with a 100 percent network up time guarantee as well as access to all essential features (free domain name and transfers, around the clock support, unlimited data transfers, etc.)

Value-packed cloud hosting services – Site Ground hosting offers some of the most affordable and reliable cloud hosting services on the market today. Considering the many advantages that cloud technology offers over conventional web hosting, it has become the top choice for many businesses but is often too expensive for many webmasters. However it appears it doesn’t have to be with Site Ground hosting.


Now one of the great things that can be said about Site Ground hosting is that in addition to being relatively inexpensive, they offer a lot of neat extras that present webmasters with a lot of value in return for their web hosting expenses and the same thing can be said about their cloud hosting services packed with added value features that often represent an additional cost in other web hosts. Such features include free domains, dedicated IPs, SSL certificates, remote backups, CMS optimisations and many more.

Dedicated Servers/ fully managed – Site Ground also offers some of the most inexpensive dedicated server plans in the market with options for full management. The web platform can handle all the management work for you (setup, server updates, server fixes, security, etc.) so that webmasters don’t have to.


Fast and reliable support – it’s always comforting to know that webmasters can always get in touch with their web hosts at any time for any issues that they might need help with. Site Ground certainly knows this all too well and maintains an average response of time of no more than 15 minutes. Dedicated support teams are available for webmasters on cloud hosting and dedicated server plans with near instant response times.


Is Site Ground Hosting the right web hosting solution for you?

Site Ground web hosting is ideal for web masters looking for an inexpensive but proven and highly reliable web hosting service. The platform’s web hosting plans are more than ideal for small businesses and for people looking to get their sites hosted at an affordable cost. However due to the nature of shared web hosting, businesses are advised to opt for cloud hosting or at the very least, go for dedicated server plans.

Of course Site Ground hosting is not without shares of downsides – as mentioned earlier, their web hosting plans lack any degree of custom options which makes it a poor choice for webmasters that are in need of a dynamic and adaptable web hosting solution. (Irregular peaks and lows on website activity). Site Ground also does not currently offer any free trials across all of their web hosting plans although the practice is relatively common for low priced web hosting platforms.


Overall, Site Ground is a good choice in web hosting platforms particularly for web masters looking for something that has proven itself very capable in covering all the web hosting essentials without costing too much. Site Ground offers a lot of value across all their web hosting plans that come with extras that often represent an additional cost in many of its counterparts.

Having mentioned that, Site Ground Hosting is clearly not for everyone and particularly so with webmasters that need a platform with custom and highly dynamic web hosting resources required to quickly address fluctuating website requirements. If that sounds a lot like you then you might want to take your business somewhere else. If however you are looking for a proven and reputable web hosting platform that is more than capable of covering your entire web hosting essentials at some of the lowest and most competitive of cost then you certainly won’t be disappointed with what Site Ground hosting has to offer.

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