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Leveraging Visuals for Better Social Media Engagement

Looking for ways to improve social media engagement?

Leveraging visuals for better social engagement image by Think Big OnlineMarketing and graphic design has increasingly become more intertwined as social media engagement starts to lean more towards more visual social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. These networks encourage their users to use and share visual content.  Engagement in social media marketing can be considered as one of the top goals for business online for 2013. People often prefer that you visually show them the value that your business offers instead of just reading about it!

Let’s go ahead and check out some great ways in which visuals can be used to improve engagement throughout your social media strategy

Improving social media engagement with visual content

Simplifying complex ideas

Visual content can be described as a universal language and one that can be used to effectively simplify a complicated subject or idea. Most people just don’t have the time and patience to go through complicated and long case studies. Charts and other infographic content are a lot better when it comes to helping people comprehend and make use of your content. In order to achieve better engagement with prospects, your visual content must be fairly easy and convenient to access on social networks.

Indeed visual content can help you effectively engage and communicate with prospects in a captivating and more interesting manner. One type of visual content that could effectively improve engagement in social media platforms are “infographics”. If you’ve been in pursuit of social media engagement for quite some time, you’ve probably witnessed the potential that infographic offers as a social media marketing resource.

Easy Share

The great thing about visual content is that it’s not only easy for your prospects to comprehend but it’s also a lot more shareable! Images, graphics, pictures and videos can be easily shared via social networks without the need for summaries or translations. One can swiftly and effectively communicate ideas or feelings which can be used to ensure that prospects understand where your business is coming from and encourage them to further share your visual content.

A recent study reveals that more than 40 percent of prospects are likely to engage and express interest on a business that capitalizes on visual content for their social media strategy. That’s hardly surprising considering that visual content fare a lot better in attracting and engaging customers compared to simple text. If you want to boost social media engagement, the best thing that you can do is draw in users with visual content and encourage them to share it further down their network of influence.

Crowd Sourcing

You can always ask your target audience to come up with visual content on behalf of your business and share it for you. As a matter of fact, it’s an excellent way of reaching out to them and promoting your business at the same time.  You may want to consider organizing visual competitions for instance to supplement you social media marketing campaign through social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

Now whatever social media platform you choose to opt into, simply encouraging users to exhibit visual content is a sure-fire way of improving engagement in social networks. Crowd sourcing visual content is about the same as inconspicuously asking prospects to engage with your business without looking desperate of course.

Visual content can give you the stimulation that businesses often so desperately need to get good engagement out of the social media platforms that they are working on. Of course you will also need to ensure that you are offering a good product or service backed with reliable customer service otherwise all your efforts in promoting your business aren’t going to matter squat.

The key take away here is that if you are in need of effective ways to engage your prospects in social networks, visual content is the magnet you need to draw in more people towards your business. So how much social media engagement are you getting out of your visual content lately?