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The Links under Your Control

Making the most out of your links

The links under your control image by Think Big OnlinePeople engaged in the creation of links or link building often put all of their efforts at seeking out and obtaining good backlinks from other sites that are of the same niche or relevant to their own. What many fail to realize is that they already have the top authority and most relevant website for whatever business they are running online – their very own websites! After all, nothing could be more relevant or on-topic than the web pages you have complete control of. Once your web pages have aged and attained a good PR (Page Rank), it can be the sweetest icing on your cake.

The significance of internal links

Search engines like Google put a lot of weight on the power of internal links much more than what a lot of people in the business seem to realize. Effectively structuring your website with internal links would provide you with an opportunity to “vote” for your own website for a higher PR from within the frame work of your own website.

More importantly, you’ll be able to essentially inform search engines which of your web pages are important and what these web pages are all about with descriptive text links. Also known as contextual links, they can prove invaluable for guiding online user to other areas of your website thereby improving its usability and at the same time, gain the favour of major search engines as well as improving flow and page rank.

One thing that you need to be wary about though when it comes to internal links is to make sure that you are making use of keywords that actually exists on a webpage in order to link to another webpage from within your own website. For instance, let’s say you want your Home page to link to another webpage; you need to ensure that the other page features the same anchor text that you’ve used to link to and from the home page.

With this set-up  the other pages will evolve to become the perfect back link as it ages and adds relevance to your site. As you may already know, relevance is essential. Think of it this way, with effective internal links, your link building effort can be seen as a fountain of Champagne. Your Home Page represents the top glass that receives the first pour and enables it to flow down the glasses under it and internal links can be described as the control mechanism governing this flow.

Simply put, internal links can prove invaluable in improving your website with regards to the use of specific keywords and spreading strength throughout the entirety of your website rather than focus on a couple of areas. This perhaps best exhibit the significance of internal links.

Internal links are a leverage that no aspiring web marketer or online business owner should ever overlook. The world of internet marketing can be described as nothing short of brutally competitive and every bit of leverage will certainly help you deal with all that.