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Majestic SEO Releases Flow Metrics

Today one of the industry leaders in SEO analysis announced they are raising the bar again by adding visualisation charting of link profiles.

To date no company has been able to accurately assess and provided data within a time frame (every day) that would be useful to any SEO’s on such a large scale.

The new feature released by Majestic SEO graphs the trust flow and citation flow that passes through to a particular site.

Here’s an example


Trust Flow

Majestic SEO has created their own trust flow indicator by initially manually reviewing sites and I assume giving them a rank. Now allowing their machines to take over (after careful assessment), we have a tool that not only plots the trust flow of a link but also compares it to the citation flow on the same visual.

Citation Flow

This is based off Majestic SEO’s existing AC Rank calculator. It assesses the quality of a page that links to your site based off the quality and number of the links that point to it. Before we only had a table to try and compare the results, and if you were an excel junky then you could compare a number of sites, but for the average Joe that wants to see instant results you can’t go past the new visual format.

Why is this important?

With SEO’s and want to be internet marketers yelling “the sky is falling” after Google’s latest slapping binge on low quality links, this new tool couldn’t come at a better time.

With more emphasis on higher quality or you’re out type update dates happening, now is the time to be spending more time seeing what the best in your industry are doing.

Oh one more thing..

Check out the new Link Profile Fight Tool where you can pit 2 sites against each other to get a visual representation of link profiles. So much more fun than looking at table of numbers J


Jump on over to and have a play with it and let us know your thoughts?