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Must-ask Questions for Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

a discussion with a Digital Marketing Agency

The search for a digital marketing firm

Are you in the market for a digital marketing agency? Perhaps you’ve arranged for a consultation and have prepared a number of questions in the hope of finding the right digital marketing firm. Asking the right questions can go a long way in helping businesses sift through the myriad of digital advertising agencies on the market all claiming to be the best.  What exactly are these questions though?

Asking the right questions in choosing a digital marketing agency

Here at Think Big Online, we often get asked a lot of questions as we try to get our clients on-board. Some are neat and very clever particularly for clients who appreciate value (our favourite kind) while some are really far-fetched. To be of better help to anyone looking to invest on the services of an online marketing agency, we’ve come up with a list of must-ask questions that one ought to consider when consulting with an online marketing agency.

How long have they been in business? What experience do they have as an agency?

Experience is extremely important especially when dealing with someone with whom you would potentially be entrusting a great deal of your process to. Don’t stop with someone who just tells you that they have 20 or so years of combined experience which doesn’t really answer your question. Ideally you would want to opt for a marketing agency that possesses experience dealing with clients in a similar industry as yours. Such agencies are likely well-versed in dealing with verticals specific to your needs.

You also need to verify with the people who’ll do actual work on your account. Beware of agencies boasting years of experience when they only give you novices to do any real work.

What makes a client ideal?

It’s a good question and perhaps the smartest that we’ve encountered as a digital marketing agency. You would want to know the kind of clients your agency wants to do business with. Depending on their answer, you might find your business fits perfectly with what they have in mind.

Setting expectations in terms of communication

Communication is important in any business dealings and you would want your marketing agency to be very clear on the matter. Have them set your expectations right from the start. If you ever have to reach them on email or request a call back, when can you expect a response? Have them give you an answer and then decide whether it is on par with your requirements.

What are their rates?

It’s a basic question when you’re dealing with any service provider and one that requires a clear response. Beware of agencies that seem vague on the matter. As a client, you ought to know exactly what is being done for you and how much it’s going to cost you.

What Guarantees do they offer?

Beware of marketing firms that try to lure you in with performance guarantees. Getting the top rank on Google isn’t something that an agency can guarantee but rather you would want to opt for one that could help you set clear and realistic marketing goals.

Do they have references that you could follow up on?

It is yet another standard must-ask question and one that needs the appropriate response. A good and reputable digital marketing agency ought to have no qualms about providing you with all the references that you need. For example, you can look up their existing clients which is great way of assessing the quality of the services that they are offering before getting your business on-board.

What can they do with your existing marketing campaign?

Ask the agency about their thoughts on your on-going marketing campaign. It doesn’t have to be at all extensive and a light audit of your account should enable them to mention specifics about what they are prepared to do for you.

So there you have it – a few must-ask questions for choosing the right online marketing agency for your business needs. Keep in mind that choosing a digital marketing agency isn’t just about making a choice amongst a myriad of service providers but investing on the right business partner.