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Online Marketing Newsletter November 2012

Sam’s Corner – Newsletter #3

PART #1: Business Update

Welcome to the November edition of the Think Big Online newsletter, apologies it’s a little late getting out but it’s been a great month here. We’ve welcomed some new clients taken on a few new initiatives and been producing some amazing results.

In fact the small team here at Think Big Online isn’t so small any more and with our new expanded capacity we’re ready to help more businesses. So if you know of someone who needs a website, some traffic or just a hand to realize their online dreams don’t hesitate to ask them to contact us.

Instead of giving you a long business update this month I wanted to get focused straight into the big news of the month so you can get updated and make the changes necessary in your business to adapt.

PART #2: Industry News

It seems like nearly every month I am dedicating a lions share of my time to writing about updates by either Google or Facebook. Unfortunately with this evolving technology environment both major online players are making significant changes which affect your business.

So let’s get into the changes…


During the last month Google made 4 announcements about updates to it’s previous Penguin and Panda updates. Essentially the updates were to further help improve the search result quality and remove low quality sites.

Think Big Online clients have nothing to worry about as we always focus on quality sites and content rather than spammy link building or keyword stuffing techniques. If you’ve found your site has been affected then I’d strongly suggest looking at your SEO strategy and remove any techniques which could be considered spammy.

Also during this month Google made another major update which was it’s link disavow tools which essentially allows webmasters to report links to their sites which they don’t want to count to their SEO. This should help to reduce the number of competitors using less than ethical strategies to affect websites.


Facebook seems to be on a quest lately to introduce new and innovative ways of delivering advertising experiences to their business users. This is a positive thing especially for business and Facebook page owners who are starting to see a benefit.

The latest changes that have been made are just in testing mode at the moment so none of them are available across the Facebook advertising network. With that said though if some of the changes are implemented it should drastically increase the advertising reach for businesses.

At this point the major one to be looking out for is the Pages advertising which allows Page owners to target advertisements to any users, whether they are connected to the page or not. This dramatically increases the reach of the site and page for the advertiser.

PART #3: Top Learning From This

This is my favorite part of the newsletter as it allows me to share with you what I think has been the most important business lesson from this month. So here’s this months most important lesson:

Do The Right Thing And Everything Will Turn Out Fine

Now I know, this sounds a little corny and you are probably wondering exactly what it has to do with Internet Marketing? Well it speaks to one area of Internet Marketing and one of the most important areas…

…If you want to build a long term business online that returns profitable results you need to invest in building a quality SEO strategy. That strategy should be built on the premise of “doing the right thing”.

So many companies are worried when Google does an update, or take to forums complaining about their loss in rankings when it could have all been avoided. All they needed to do was the right thing and follow the SIMPLE rules of Search Engine Optimisation.

If you were penalized by Google then you deserved it, you were too aggressive or you were doing unnatural things to enhance your rankings. To achieve consistant, long term quality rankings you need to deliver a quality user experience and quality content.

Essentially do the right thing by Google and your Users and you’ll find it pays off long term!