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Pandora. The Internets Answer To Radio.

Pandora is the latest online music platform to land on Australian shores. Similar to Spotify it gives listeners the chance to listen to the music they want for free, Pandora however takes on more of a radio feel.

One of Pandora’s exclusive features is its Music Genome Project. The MGP is considered the most sophisticated taxonomy of musical information ever collected. But what does that mean for you?

Pandora boasts that it will deliver a “great radio experience to each and every listener”. Pandora achieves this by having each and every song categorised by not only genre but also the beats, instruments, melody rhythm and vocals so when you type the name of a song into their search engine Pandora will also show you other music similar to that song.

Pretty unbelievable right?

Well I’ve taken one for the team and given it a go. Let me tell you this program is amazing. I typed in ‘Beyonce’ a very popular R n B artist and Pandora not only began playing ‘Beyonce’ radio (a series of tracks that have a resemblance to Beyonce’s sound) it also provided me with other artists I may be interested in.

Now this sounds all good and well for someone looking to listen to music, but how is this going to help your business?

Pandora is now not only online, but in peoples homes and cars who tune in through digital radio.

Pandora offers businesses the chance to advertise with them, using a system that targets your audience through age, location and gender.


You can use traditional radio advertising or you can use ‘prompt’ advertising (as Pandora calls it) to get users to go straight to a webpage. It all sounds quick, easy and simple.

Being such a new platform in Australia there’s no current statistics available, but watch this space because I’ll be keeping you updated.

Now tell me, are you going to give it a go?