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SEO Are Keywords Important?

The Significance of Keywords

SEO Are Keywords Important? What are SEO keywords and how is it relevant to search engine optimization?  Well the quick answer would certainly be a big YES and it’s simply because these words are used by major search engines like Google in identifying a certain website and set it apart from billions of others! If you are not using the right keywords for your business website, don’t be surprised if your search engine marketing prospects simply aren’t able to find it

Think about it – what is the first thing that you do when searching for any kind of information online? You use a search engine of your choice and type terms or phrases that you deem relevant to what you’re looking for. For instance if you are searching for pest control services, you can use terms like pest control, pest extermination or pest exterminator. You can further narrow down searches by adding your location to the query.

Keywords and SEO

Now the question remains – how would you know which keywords to use for your website and how does it affect your overall search engine optimizations strategy? Well the first step is to think of various terms or words that you are likely to use yourself when searching for information, products or services that your business offers.  Chances are that a lot of your target prospects are likely to use them as well! You can then integrate these terms unto your website content.

Needless to say, these terms can’t be just anything at random – they need to be relevant and bear a connection to your industry, niche and whatever type of business you are running online. Choosing the right key words can mean the difference between failure and success in search engine optimisation.

The same thing can be said about the manner that these key words are being used – using them too much and sacrificing quality can get your website banned and dismissed as spam by search engines. Too little and search engines might not be able to recognize your website.

Now there is no set maximum or minimum number of SEO keywords that one should use for their website but of course you have to be sensible about it. You’ll have trouble fitting them into your content if you use too many. Five search terms or phrases should be sufficient so long as you be particularly careful with relevant and frequent use without sacrificing overall quality.

There is no such thing as guarantees when it comes to search engine optimization and top website ranking but recognizing the significance of keywords will certainly set your business website off to a good start!