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WP Engine Review and Bonus – WordPress Hosting

A good look at WP Engine

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular website platform on the market today as it takes away much of the burden of putting up your own website. Unfortunately for many online marketers, WordPress can be hard to manage and maintain. Miss a few updates or fail to optimise your WP site and marketers can lose out on traffic and profit or worse – get their website hacked and lose months/years of hard work.

Now for businesses who only own a couple of websites, manually updating your WP site core version, plugins, security, etc. isn’t much trouble and only takes a fair amount of consistent effort. However what if you are dealing with 10 or 20? If only there was something out there that can ease the burden for such marketers enabling them to focus solely on their business – that’s where WP Engine actually comes in!

All about WP Engine

WP Engine is a premium WP hosting service provider that promises marketers a couple of things – faster website loading speed, security and unrivaled expertise among other things. With WP Engine, users would no longer have to worry about their WordPress websites and whether they are in a top and updated condition along with all the support needed for troubleshooting any technical issues. It’s a dream come true for many marketers with a plethora of WP sites. However the question remains – is it all hype or does it actually deliver?

Well first off let’s go ahead and take a look at its features and what WP Engine can actually do for you:

One of a kind WordPress Hosting Service – WP Engine offers a hassle-free web hosting experience for any WP site. WordPress sites enrolled under the service are fully managed by the platform on the owners behalf which means that marketers no longer have to worry about site maintenance and focus on more important aspects of running a business online.

Optimal Website Speed – the experts behind WP engine certainly know their stuff and can help users ensure that their business WP sites are loading as quickly as possible. Any delays in website loading speed can result to lost business opportunities and with WP Engine marketers wouldn’t need to worry about all that.

Website Security – the platform maintains a dedicated staff well-versed in all the security risks that can be found in one’s WP installation and rectify them before it can be exploited by hackers. WP Updates come in every few weeks or so and overlooking to implement them can open WP sites to vulnerabilities many of which are serious enough to bring business WP sites down to its knees.

Is WP Engine the right hosting solution for you?

If you own a lot of WP sites that you can barely keep up with its maintenance or place great value in the peace of mind that platform provides knowing that there is an expert that you could turn to for any concerns regarding WordPress – WP Engine is certainly for you!

Now what we really loved about WP Engine and what sets it apart from other web hosting solutions in the market is the fact that it is designed to  specifically for WP sites. Most other web hosting platforms don’t go beyond the one click WP installer. Before we made the switch to WP Engine our staff had to painstakingly troubleshoot technical issues on their own or bring in help from a WordPress expert and needless to say, that costs us time and money which we could have spent working on our campaigns.

Since enrolling our websites to the WP management platform we never had to bother with any technical issues regarding our WP installations. If a plugin stopped working all we have to do is contact one of their WP experts. Indeed these experts know their stuff and have always been able to quickly resolve issues on our WP sites or point us to the right direction. Support in this hosting platform is generally excellent.

Perhaps the only downside to WP Engine as a web hosting platform is its high cost – starting at $29 per month for 1 WP installation with a traffic cap of 25,000/month, unlimited data transfer and 10 GB of local storage, that’s more than twice most other web hosting platforms are changing! If you have more WP installations and require a higher visit cap then the cost gets even higher. As much as $99per month for a professional account and $249 per month for a business account.

Simply put WP Engine are only for businesses who are actually ready for it and dead serious about having their WP sites managed by an exclusive and dedicated hosting platform that is all about WordPress with all the expertise to boot. Having said that, WP Engine does offer a 30 day free trial so don’t simply take our word for it – go and see for yourself!

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