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Webinar Jam Review and Bonus – Web Seminar Software

webinar jam

A Good Look at Webinar Jam – Is it the right webinar software for you?

Are you interested in a webinar software called Webinar Jam but not quite sure whether it is actually the right tool for you? Well Webinar Jam is a digital marketing product that was released in the market only recently hence it would certainly be best for people to know all that they can before jumping in on anything. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what the webinar software offers and what it can actually do for your business.

What are some of the great things that Webinar Jam has to offer?

Webinar Jam is add-on software for Google Hangouts designed to further facilitate the promotion of events (webinars in particular). The software is touted by its developers to be the most reliable webinar platform on the market today packed with powerful marketing features but is this really the case or is just all hype? What makes it different from other webinar platforms on the market today? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look!


Let’s check out some of the great things Webinar Jam can do for you

  • Unlimited webinar and attendees – it is perhaps Webinar Jam’s most significant feature and one that is sure to attract a large number of users. While most other webinar platforms on the market charge an extra fee for a higher number of participants, users of Webinar Jam doesn’t have to worry about that and only have to focus on getting as much interest and attendees for their webinars as possible. Webinar attendees only need to put in their email address to login (any type of email address will do).
  • Schedule webinars – Get your webinar going instantly or set a specific date or time.  The platform will automatically follow up with registrants before the set date and time then automatically open the webinar room.



  • Users can present their webinars however they want – users can bring in co-presenters and other webinar administrators on the scene for any assistance required such as live chat support so that your business can respond to any questions during the webinar.
  • Easy webinar setup – users can organize a webinar with no design or coding knowledge required. The software implements a “point and click” system for setting up practically everything. Simply choose a template and fill in the required information. Users also have the option of opting for custom designs and have registrants sign up from their site.


  • Broadcast anything you want from your computer – users can broadcast practically anything on their end which includes their web camera, audio or any applications they have on their computer making it one of the most flexible webinar platforms on the market today.


  • Webinar metrics – users have access to detailed information regarding the results of their webinars through in-depth reports that covers traffic, sales, registrants, number of participants, etc. The said report can be downloaded at any time for users to review and know exactly how everything went down!


  • One click registration – one of the hardest things about running a successful webinar is getting enough people to sign up for it. Any complexity with regards to the registration process only makes it harder. Users won’t have to worry about that with Webinar Jam – send email invitations with a link to sign up to your webinars with a single click. Signing up for webinars doesn’t get any easier than that!


  • Present webinars on your own website – unlike most other webinar platforms on the market, the platform enables users to present their webinars right from their own site which is certainly the best place to do so. Presenting webinars outside the comforts of one’s own site in the absence of logos, brands, etc. won’t inspire much confidence among participants. Users can even brand their sessions with their very own custom overlay footers with their name and topic on it.


  • Webinar follow-ups and reminders – Webinar Jam automatically follow-ups with registered participants via a series of queued emails, SMS and voicemail to maximise the chances of registrants actually showing up for the webinar.

  • Go social – make it easy for participants to share your webinar pages on social networks that they frequent via embedded social sharing buttons. Of course users who wish to keep things private can always turn this feature off.
  • Build your list – webinar jam is compatible with most popular autoresponders on the market such as iContact, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc. Webinar registrants are automatically enrolled to one’s mailing list.
  • Sell your webinar sessions – think you are ready to start charging for your webinar sessions? Webinar Jam makes the process easy and hassle-free as it readily integrates with most popular payment gateways online which includes Paypal, Clickbank and even a user’s own custom payment gateway. The platform takes care of everything and makes sure that only people who’ve processed their payment can proceed with the registration.



  • Sell products or services through your webinar – users can pitch their offerings during the webinar through pop-up offers that participants can see on their screen. It’s a great way to instantly make a sale through your webinar especially after explaining the value or benefit of the products or services that you are offering online.
  • Integrated Live Chat session – users can spice up webinars with added live chat sessions manned by a fellow webinar administrator responding to any concerns or questions or simply to get conversations going.
  • Webinar records – Webinar Jam automatically records sessions allowing those that missed your webinar to access a video recording of it by clicking on a link the system sends out via email to participants who were not able to make it to the scheduled webinar.


  • Audience Polls – thinking about getting a survey going? Webinar Jam allows users to quickly and easily do just that! Users simply need to put in their poll questions and specify the choices for participants to vote on as it is introduced in the webinar room. A great way for marketers to get into the minds of their prospects or reach a general consensus about certain features or topics of interest – what features did they like the most? Were they satisfied with your webinar presentation?


  • Full accessibility – registrants can access the webinar sessions on almost any web capable device (PC or Mac, any OS or browser, etc). Users won’t have to worry about their participants not being able to access their live sessions due to technical issues.


Is Webinar Jam the right webinar platform for you?

Looking at the features mentioned above, Webinar Jam certainly offers marketers a lot of great and invaluable things when it comes to successfully hosting live webinar sessions online. Now it’s all good on paper but the question remains – is it really any good?

Now we’ve had the opportunity to delve into Webinar Jam’s offerings since its recent release and here are a couple of things that we have to say about the platform:

First off, we have to hand it to its developers – we were mighty impressed with Webinar Jam and without a doubt it is cut out to be some of the best webinar platforms on the market today.

Some of the things that we loved about Webinar Jam is the fact that their webinar sessions cater to an unlimited number of audiences in addition to providing just about everything a marketer needs out of a webinar platform (webinar analytics, follow up reminders, recordings, etc). All the other webinar tools we used charged more with an increased number of attendees and when you’re dealing with thousands – that can become a real problem.

Another great thing that we loved about Webinar Jam is its unmatched flexibility enabling users to present their webinar however they want. Switch between multiple web cams, share your screen or broadcast any application that you might want to show viewers or integrate live chat sessions – again these are features which often cost extra on other platforms.

The downsides

Webinar Jam is such a good platform that we were barely able to find anything to gripe about. Of course every digital marketing product in the market today has its own share of downsides. In our case, we did have some trouble integrating our autoresponder with the platform but there was ample support from the developer’s side and we were quickly able to resolve the issue. Some might also find the interface a bit “clunky” although that is probably more about personal preference.

Now perhaps Webinar Jam’s most significant drawback is its cost – access to the platform doesn’t come cheap and at $297 a year (cost is expected to go up in the future), it often costs twice as much as other webinar platforms on the market. Its high cost might seem like a deal breaker for those who are simply not ready for it especially for beginners and small businesses operating on a very limited budget.

Having said that, many users would certainly agree that Webinar Jam is well worth the cost and a long term investment that is sure to pay off! Users can try Webinar Jam for 30 days risk-free so users really got nothing to lose!

The Verdict

Overall Webinar Jam is an impressive and feature-rich webinar platform that packs a lot of value for marketers. We certainly recommend it for users looking for a complete one stop solution for organizing and implementing successful webinar campaigns. Of course one must approach Webinar Jam prepared in order to actually make the best out of it. After all, it doesn’t come cheap – for one thing, marketers would need to have a team of co presenters and support staff ready as well as plan out sessions. One can then just leave everything else to Webinar Jam!

Are you interested in Webinar Jam? Purchase the software through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at