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Social Post Press Review and Bonus – Facebook List Building Tool

A good look at Social Post Press

The money is in the list – its something that people in online marketing business tend to hear all the time and its certainly true. What better place to build a profitable list than on the newsfeed of the dominant social network on the Internet – Facebook! Social Post Press enables marketers to do just that and more but how does it actually work?

Social Post Press is essentially a premium WordPress plugin that enables users to introduce opt in forms straight from within the newsfeed on Facebook. Needless to say, the ability to market products and gather email information from Facebook news feeds certainly has its advantages which marketers simply can’t pass up. For one thing, the plugin maximises reach in one’s list building campaign making the process easy and effective as well improving one’s chances of introducing something viral in the process.

Access to the Social Post Press plugin also include free updates and a complete range of video walkthroughs designed to enable marketers to make the most out of the list building software.

All that one needs to do in order to get started is to install Social Post Press on your site in the same way as you would a regular plugin and let the software work for you. Come up with great marketing messages and let the plugin post and promote it for you via the Facebook newsfeed as well as giving prospects some heads up about your latest offerings. More importantly, the plugin enables marketers to grab the email information of their target audience and feed it to their email auto responder directly from the Facebook Newsfeed!

Perhaps the best thing about Social Post Press is that it enables users to easily build the “opt in” list that they need by leveraging the power of Facebook as a dominant social media network.

Social Post Press in action:

The highlights on Social Post Press

  • Gather email information directly from the Facebook News Feed and easy integration with Facebook pages

  • Make use of preset or customized backgrounds for your posts

  • Make use of custom video opt in forms and promotional videos – introduce them directly on your Facebook Newsfeed

  • Easy integration with email opt in forms

  • Compatible with most operating systems and mobile platforms
  • Detailed analytics – determine which of your posts garner the most attention and why


How much does it cost?

At $97, Social Post Press isn’t exactly cheap but many would agree that its well worth the cost considering the things that the plugin enable marketers to do. Although thanks to a full 30 day money-back guarantee, there’s hardly any risk involved!

 Is Social Post Press the right list building tool for you?

Social Post Press is indeed an excellent tool for effective and profitable list building. The plugin certainly comes highly recommended for anyone struggling to build a targeted and profitable list for their online marketing campaigns. However one must keep in mind that coming up with good interesting posts is still essential and can remain a significant challenge for some. Sure Social Post Press can help you promote your marketing messages but that won’t do you any good if your posts are hardly of interest, useful or noteworthy.

Social Post Press makes list building quick and easy – with a couple of clicks users can get their list building campaign via the social network up and running with some of the best chances of kicking off some posts to a viral state! Perhaps the best thing about the premium plugin is that its creators are confident enough to offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee should it prove unsatisfactory for any reason.

Are you interested in Social Post Press? Purchase the plugin through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at